road safety tips

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Road Safety Tips

Take these precautions to protect yourself when you're walking and running outside.
1. School Children Walk on the footpath
Always walk on the footpath, walk on the extreme right hand side of the roads where the road does not have a footpath. Always be patient.
2. School Children Use Zebra crossings
Cross the road using subways, foot-over bridges and zebra crossings. Or if nothing of these exist, look for a place to cross the road safely.
3. School Children Follow the traffic lights
Cross the road only when the traffic light indicates green or if the Traffic Police signals you too. Always be vigilant at such traffic joints or intersections.
4. School Children Crossing the road
When crossing between vehicles parked on the side of the road, remember that you are invisible to the moving traffic so stop and look for a safe crossing zone. By this way the oncoming driver can see you and stop the vehicle when required. Running across the road is a bad idea, as you may slip and fall.
5. School Children Stand in queue
While waiting at the bus stand, always be in a queue. Do not rush in or push others and board the bus only after it has come to a halt.
6. School Children Don t disturb the driver
While in bus, creating noise or shouting may distract the driver. Always be quiet and calm so that the driver drives the bus without any distraction.
7. Cyclists Wear protective gear
Always wear a cycling helmet made of light thermocol while going for a ride, safety is always the first criteria. Arm bands and ankle bands are also favorable for professional riders.
8. Cyclists Use the cycle lane
Use the cycle lane wherever available, and never stop the cycle on the pedestrian crossing.
9. Cyclists Don t overtake a vehicle
Don't overtake a vehicle while it is taking a turn, let the vehicle first pass.
10. Cyclists Be cautious
Stop before entering a moving traffic, especialy from merging traffic, parking lot. Be cautious in such conditons since the traffic is free flowing and may cause accidents if we r negligent.

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