precautions while using nail paint

Push back your cuticles

Precautions while using Nail Paint

A few safety precautions you must know before you start doing your Nail Paint.
Push back your cuticles

Your cuticles are the little pieces of skin at the bottom of each nail. They can make your nail polish application look messy if they are not pushed back before you paint. Cuticles are easier to push back when they have beensoftened, so try soaking your nails in a small bowl of warm water for a minute or two first. Dry your hands and nails thoroughly, then use a cuticle stick to push the soft skin of each cuticle back to the edge of the nail.

Press your hand firmly on the table
Gather the necessary supplies
Push back your cuticles
Paint French tips
What are the harmful ingredients used in Nail Polish
The best time to apply nail polish is when they are completely dry
Start by applying a clear base coat
Apply a coat of your favorite nail polish
Base coat
Apply a clear top coat
Rub the bottle between your hands to warm the nail polish for about 25 30 seconds
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