precautions while using internet banking

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Precautions while using Internet Banking

Instructions for safe banking and precautions while operating internet banking.
1. Check your banks Internet policy
Some banks have enhanced security features in Internet banking. For example, if the money that you want transferred to another account exceeds a particular sum, you will need to enter a specific password for high value deals to validate the transaction.
2. If you make a number of incorrect attempts to log in
If you make a number of incorrect attempts to log in, we will disable your access as a security measure. Please call our helpdesk immediately on 0845 456 1454 for information on how you can get back online. The helpdesk lines are open from 10.00 to 17.00 on Monday, and from 09.00 to 17.00 Tuesday to Friday. Outside of these hours you can leave a voicemail message, which will be picked up on the next working day.
3. Automatic termination of your connection
Automatic termination of your connection. Your secure connection has a time limit. If you have not sent any data within your secure session for a period (which you can define) of up to fifteen minutes, your connection will be terminated automatically. You must log in again to connect to internet banking.
4. Necessary SSL connection
When you log in to internet banking, a secure connection is established between our server and your computer using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This secure connection can be identified by the closed padlock in the browser status bar at the bottom of your screen. We recommend that you check that you have the necessary SSL connection. Click here to find out how to check your connection is secure.
5. Never write down or reveal your security details to anyone
Use your username and password to log in to internet banking, and to authorise transactions. Keep your username and password secure. Only someone with both these details can log in to your account and make authorisations. Remember, never write down or reveal your security details to anyone.
6. Always access our internet banking site
Always access our internet banking site via the site or by typing the address into your web browser.We will never send you an e mail with a link through to our internet banking site. The easiest way to tell if an email is fraudulent is to bear in mind that we will never ask you for your personal passwords, personal information numbers or login information in an email. Legitimate financial institutions do not include links to their web sites in email communications to customers.
7. Treat e mails you receive with caution
Treat e mails you receive with caution and be very wary of e mails or calls asking you to reveal any personal security details. Triodos Bank (or the police) will never contact you to ask you for your internet banking password or username information
8. keep your username and passwords secret
keep your username and passwords secret. This includes (but is not limited to) taking the following precautions: (1) destroying any password notification immediately after receipt from us; (2) never writing your password or username details in a way that might be understood by someone else or recording them on any item or in any place that might be accessed by someone else; (3) taking all reasonable care to ensure that no one sees your password or username when you use them
9. Keep your computer secure
keep your computer secure. Make sure that any computer you are using benefits from up to date anti virus and spyware software and a personal firewall. If you use a public computer (e.g. in an internet caf), you should ensure you do not leave any personal details stored on that computer after you have finished using it
10. Always check the URL
Always check the URL of your banks web site. When banking online, check the address of any pages that ask you to enter personal account information. In the toolbar at the top of the page any legitimate Internet banking website will begin with https to indicate that the page is secure.

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