movie locations you can actually visit

Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Just in time for Halloween, we look at five horror movie locations that you can actually visit.
1. Streets in Trainspotting Calton Street Bridge Edinburgh
There are many movie locations which are exactly easy to visit. But there are also those related to well known movies which one can actually go to, real life locations like Calton street bridge Edinburgh. This area was made famous by the movie Trainspottin the English comedy drama directed by Danny Boyle and starring Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremmer and Johnny lee miller. Calton Street is depicted here in the picture with its famous signature grey stone bridge attached to adjoining buildings giving it an old world charm. This quaint location is an ideal place to visit while on a tour or vacation.
2. Sandford Hot Fuzz Wells Somerset UK
Sandford in Somerset England is quaint country towns complete with gothic style buildings that give the town an old world charm. It served as the location for the comedy thriller movie hot Fuzz which starred Simon Pegg. Martin freeman and Nick frost. The storyline of course involving a tough cop and his stupid partner inspecting a conspiracy in Sanford takes you all over the attractive areas of the town. It would be a fantasy vacation to live your favorite movie among the very places where action scenes have been shot. The picture shows a spotless road winding down Sanford with its elegant cottages and houses alongside.
3. OCP Headquarters in Robocop Dallas City Hall Texas
Who can ever forget the movie Robocop. The movie about a conscientious robotic cop named Murphy will forever live in the minds of the older generation as a movie with its fair share of thrills and excitement. The location for the famed Omnicorp Corporation also known as the dreaded OCP which invented Murphy is none other than the Dallas city Hall. The building itself as seen here in this picture stands quite tall and looks more like a work of surreal or abstract art. The stone colored building is an ideal spot to visit as it actually exists as a place of government administration.
4. Pirate Museum fron The Goonies Captain George Flavel House Museum Oregon
Way back in 1985 Steven Spielbergs movie the goonies became a huge hit and is still an all time childrens favorite. One still recalls the fearsome almost haunted gothic structure resembling a castle and the dreaded pirate museum from where the goonie gang embarks on a magical adventure. This is one film locale that anyone could easily visit because the colonial building still stands in Oregon as the museum and home of Captain George flavel. The picture shows the building in all its splendor standing as a landmark of the city. The tiled spire still stands tall and steady and seems to beckon any visitor staring at the house.
5. Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard Fox Plaza LA
For all the Die Hard fans out there this is one movie shot in real locations which could be easily visited or be part of a movie tour. One remembers the movie die hard with a vengeance where the plot revolves around cyber criminals destroying almost everything in their wake including the multistory skyscraper which is actually known as the Anatomy fox plaza in LA. The beautifully designed building towering above the skyline is attractive in the first picture due to its blue tint windows and aesthetic design. The second picture shows another view of the asymmetrical contours of the building at sunset.
6. The location of Marilyns white dress scene 586 Lexington Ave NYC
Of all the iconic scenes in Hollywoods golden age, there is probably nothing more memorable than the sight of Marilyn Monroes infamous New York subway scene where she wore that famous white dress that got got blown away from the wind beneath the railings. That iconic scene was from Billy Wilders 1955 movie Some Like it Hot. Apparently her then husband, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio got so incensed by the attention that it led to their inevitable divorce. Apparently, it was also hard for Marilyn as her director required several takes in order to get it just right for the censors.
7. Palace of Fine Arts as seen in Vertigo San Francisco
At number 23 of famous movie locations that you can actually visit is the Palace of Fine Arts where it was used in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo. The film was one of the legendary filmmakers most famous films. It starred one of Hollywoods most iconic movie actors, James Stewart and the femme fatale played by sultry Kim Novak. Vertigo is one of those movies that stay in your head long after youve seen it. Interestingly, the Palace of Fine Arts is quite a popular location for movies as it too was featured in the Mike Myers comedy So I Married an Axe Murderer.
8. Home of Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice Burghley House UK
At number 22 of the list of 29 movie locations that you can actually visit is the home of Lady Catherine in the movie version of one of Jane Austens most celebrated novels, Pride and Prejudice. The location in question is Burghley House, located in the United Kingdom. The term house does not do it justice, as the place looks like a small imperial palace typical of the golden years of the British Aristocracy. Just one look at the structure and you are immediately transported back in time to the age of empire and characters like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy walked its hallowed halls.
9. The bridge where James Bond gets shot in Skyfall Varda Viaduct Turkey
If ever you are a fan of James Bond particularly when 007 is being played by Daniel Craig, then you will recognize movie location number 21 of the 29 movie locations that you can actually visit. The place in question is called Varda Viaduct located in majestic Turkey. In the movie, this is the famous scene where 007 was shot by a fellow MI6 agent in order to kill an escaping criminal. The scene was a hair splitting one, as audiences were not so sure if Bond was able to survive being shot and falling off a bridge. Truly, an amazing scene no doubt.
10. The Seine in Les Miserables Avon Weir Bath UK
Victor Hugo is one of the most famous writers in French literature. This is because he penned one of the most popular novels about social unrest amidst the backdrop of the bloody French Revolution. Les Miserables is required reading for all students because of it powerful message of despair, hope and redemption. It is the story of the convict Jean Valjean who reinvents his life in order to make up for his past sins. The Seine portrayed in the movie played by Russell Crowe as the dreaded Inspector Javert is actually Avon Weir located in Bath, United Kingdom. The location does look a lot like the actual Seine in Paris.

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