motorcycle racing

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Enduro and Cross country

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing and bike racing is a motorcycle sport of racing motorcycles.
Enduro and Cross country

Enduro is a form of off road motorcycle sport that primarily focuses on the endurance of the competitor. In the most traditional sense ( Time Card Enduros ), competitors complete a 10+ mile lap, of predominately off road going, often through forestry. The lap is made up of different stages, each with a target time to complete that stage in exactly, there are penalties for being early and late, thus the goal is to be exactly on time . Some stages are deliberately tight , others are lax allowing the competitor to recuperate. There are also a variety of special tests, on variety of terrain to further aid classification, these are speed stages where the fastest time is desired. A normal event lasts for 3 to 4 hours, although longer events are not uncommon. Some events, particularly national and world championship events take place over several days and require maintenance work to be carried out within a limited time window or while the race is running. To prevent circumvention of the maintenance restrictions, the motorcycles are kept overnight in secure storage.

There is a World Enduro Championship (WEC) that has events across Europe, with a few excursions to North America. The most significant event in the Enduro calendar is the International Six Days Enduro (formerly the International Six Days Trial), where countries enter teams of riders (i.e. Enduro s World Cup ), as well as club teams

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