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Boss Quotes

Boss Day

Celebrating Bosses Day in South Africa on October 16 .
Boss Quotes

A quote in need is a quote indeed! Boss Day is a perfect occasion for you to spruce up your literary skills and put them to use. Telling your boss what s/he truly means to you does not have to come with an entire page filled with words. As they say, less is more. Praising the efforts taken by your boss comes with no strings attached (or maybe a bonus!). A beautiful quote can sum up what s/he means to you, how s/he has helped you grow and most importantly, how much s/he has supported you whe nothe times were bad. The quote you include can either be a famous saying or an inspiring one or both, which is targeted at the persona of the boss. A quote does not have to be a serious one stretching across three lines or so. It can be hilarious, funny, emotional, subtle or even sarcastic and yet professional and disciplined because s/he is your boss after all! Jesus Christ once said If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch. It ca not get any more obvious this is why you need a leader, a boss and a friend in your life.

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