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A good night s sleep Don t take problems to bed

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A good night s sleep Don t take problems to bed

Women are more likely than men to lie in bed worrying. Keep a notebook by the bed to jot down concerns or things you just have to remember, then let them go. If you stay up late finishing chores, make a weekly schedule to distribute tasks or cut back to essentials only.

Good digestion Yoga therapy
Keeping a clear head Soothing massage
Lifting mood Plan to travel
Boosting immunity Extreme vitamin C
Positive thinking Ditch negative stereotypes
A good night s sleep Don t just lie there
Lifting mood Dealing with loss
Keeping a clear head Camomile soother
Good digestion Top homeopathic heartburn remedies
Keeping a clear head Stay focused
Healthy prostate Drink pomegranate juice
Boosting immunity Try transcendental
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