emperor ashoka

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Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he started patronising Buddhism.

In Kalinga, Ashoka fell in love with Kaurwaki who worked as a fisherwoman. She would later be one of his many wives.His exile was soon ended when there was an uprising in Ujjain Province. Emperor Bindusara now called Ashoka back from exile and sent him to Ujjain. This time there was a great battle and Ashoka was seriously hurt.During his recovery, he was overseen by Buddhist monks and nuns. It was during this time that he first learned about Buddhism. He fell in love with his nurse Devi. She too would become one of his wives.

Ashoka the Terrible
The Life of Ashoka the Great
Accession to the Throne
Conversion to Buddhism
The First Buddhist King
Early Life
Rise to Power
Equality for All
A Talented Military Leader
Legacy of Ashoka
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