cutest animal facts

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Crows are adorably notorious

Cutest Animal Facts

It's hard to say what it is about animals that we love the most their cute or beautiful looks.
Crows are adorably notorious

Candace Savage, a birdwatcher, suggests that crows play pranks on each other; they are THAT intelligent.

Humans arent the only animals to propose marriage
Otters collect rocks
Secondly they have parental instincts
Mice love being tickled
Male puppies are epic examples of being chivalrous
Cats have a way of telling someone I feel safe with you
Pandas are tinier than a human baby when they are born
Turtles dont rely on their noses to live
Gentoo Penguins express their love simplistically
Parrots give their offspring names
Dolphins are cuter than you think
Chicks too have amazing communication skills
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