cutest animal facts

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A newborn panda weighs the same amount as a cup of tea

Cutest Animal Facts

It's hard to say what it is about animals that we love the most their cute or beautiful looks.
A newborn panda weighs the same amount as a cup of tea

Wed swap all of our morning cuppas in exchange for a cuddle with a baby panda!

Male puppies are epic examples of being chivalrous
Chimp babies have dolls
Goats are not very different from us
Oysters can change genders easily
A group of pugs is called a grumble
they are intelligent
Otters collect rocks
Rats are ticklish
Pikas understand the importance of the term survival of the fittest
Dolphins are cuter than you think
Otters hold hands so they stay together
Meet The Turritopsis nutricula Immortal jellyfish
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