benefits of nutmeg

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Benefits of Nutmeg

41. Botany and cultivation
Nutmeg is a dioecious plant which is propagated sexually and asexually, the latter being the standard. Sexual propagation by seedling yields 50% male seedlings, which are unproductive. As there is no reliable method of determining plant sex before flowering in the sixth to eighth year, and sexual propagation bears inconsistent yields, grafting is the preferred method of propagation. Epicotyl grafting, approach grafting and patch budding have proved successful, epicotyl grafting being the most widely adopted standard. Airlayering, or marcotting, is an alternative, though not preferred, method, because of its low (3540%) success rate.
42. Antibacterial Properties
Nutmeg powder has strong antibacterial properties, according to research published in the
43. Anticonvulsant Properties
The volatile oil of nutmeg may also help to prevent or treat seizures. In a 2009 research study published in
44. Antidiarrheal Properties
In traditional folk medicine, nutmeg powder has been used to reduce flatulence, aid in digestion and improve appetite. It also helps to treat diarrhea, according to research published in 2002 in the journal
45. Identification
The myristica fragrans tree, native to the various Spice Islands, including Indonesia, Grenada, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad, contains nutmeg. The seed of the apricotlike fruit, nutmeg became a popular spice in Europe during the Crusades when Middle Eastern cooking became more common. Nutmeg powder is made from the dried seed of the nutmeg tree. Nutmeg is a common addition to Indian and Middle Eastern dishes such as curry, potatoes and some soups.
46. Nutmeg powder
Nutmeg powder has a number of health benefits. Not only is nutmeg a common spice made from the kernel of an exotic fruit, but it also has antibacterial properties and contains ingredients that can help improve memory, benefit the heart, relax muscles and aid with digestion. However, nutmeg powder in excessive doses may cause an acute psychiatric disorders and hallucinations.
47. Dietary Fiber
Use nutmeg seed in your cooking as a source of dietary fiber a nutrient important for lifelong health. Fiber helps control both your blood cholesterol and your blood sugar levels, and following a fiberrich diet helps reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, including Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fiber also softens your stool, so youre less likely to suffer from constipation, and fights other digestive disorders,
48. Copper and Manganese
Nutmeg seed also offers health benefits by boosting your mineral intake, particularly copper and manganese. Both minerals help keep your skeleton strong and heathy. Manganese also helps you synthesize sex hormones, while copper boosts your immune system. A serving of ground nutmeg seed contains 0.41 milligram of manganese 23 and 18 percent of the recommended daily manganese intakes for women and men, respectively as well as 144 micrograms of copper, or 16 percent of the recommended daily intake.
49. Potential CancerFighting Benefits
Nutmeg seeds also house chemicals that might combat cancer growth. One study, published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand in 2007, found that unknown compounds in nutmeg were able to fight the growth of leukemia cells in testtube studies. An additional testtube study, published in the May 2005 issue of Toxicology Letters, found that nutmeg promoted brain cancer cell death.
50. Cooking Tips
For superior flavor, purchase whole nutmeg seeds and grate them using a fine grater before each use, rather than purchasing preground or grated nutmeg seed from the store. Use nutmeg to add flavor to baked goods such as pumpkin or banana wholegrain muffins or add it to smoothies. A mixture of unsweetened almond milk, Greek yogurt, frozen banana slices, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger makes for a festive gingerbread smoothie. Alternatively, use nutmeg to flavor your coffee.

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