benefits of basil

How to Grow Holy Basil

Benefits of Basil

How to Grow Holy Basil

It prefers warm soil, so dont plant seeds until after the last frost of the season and when the average daily temperature is 65 to 70 Fahrenheit. Alternately, you can start with a small plant and transplant it to the garden or pot to have a head start.The holy basil plant prefers sunlight, so dont place it in a shady spot. A little afternoon shade would be okay, but full sun is best. Be cautious that it gets plenty of water, as drying out in the hot summer sun could mean certain death.

Selection and storage
Treatment of Respiratory Disorders
Sore Throat
The health benefits of basil
Stress Reduction
Tooth Problems
Facial Steam for Headache
Childrens Illnesses
Prevention of Blackheads
Basil herb nutrition facts
History and Spiritual Significance
Relief from Headache
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