way to wakeup

Way To Wakeup

The best method for changing the time you wake up is to do it.
31. Wake Up With the Sun
As soon as the alarm goes off, expose yourself to a bright light (ideally to sun light) and you will not get back to bed again!
32. Avoid Sleeping Pills
Sleeping pills depress the central nervous system, and their effect may extend after you wake up.
33. Strike with Overwhelming Force
Use several or ALL the tips shared in this post all at once! It is fun to try.
34. Change your sleeping pattern in one day
This is the opposite of Do not make drastic change tip. It works well for some personality types who are only motivated when they see faster results and flexible or used to abrupt changes.
35. Set Your Alarm for Bedtime
This will remind you to leave anything you do and go to bed. The leftovers can make a good compelling reason to wake up early to finish them.
36. No Snooze Ever
It is very stressful. You neither get up or get good sleep. 10 more minutes of sleep is not going to make you any less tired.
37. Remove the option completely
Schedule meetings or deadlines early in the mornings.
38. Have a similarly motivated buddy
You will help each other to stay motivated and on track.
39. Experiment
Review your progress and see what works and what Do not. Experiment different tips and see what was easy and did the job for you. Keep experimenting different wake up time or going to bed time until you find a healthy balance you can sustain.
40. Make your bedroom a partner
A great bed, better pillow textures and form, and comfortable sheets will help you sleep better and deeper.