way to wakeup

Way To Wakeup

The best method for changing the time you wake up is to do it.
21. Avoid Alcohol Tobacco And Caffeine
If you can not avoid some of these stimulants completely then at least try to avoid them in the evening within 4 or 6 hours of bedtime.
22. Use a glass of water
Put a glass of water near your alarm clock (make sure to put an alarm clock far enough from your bed, otherwise you can hit the glass of water) and drink the water first thing as you wake up. This will awaken your body sleeping organs.
23. Do not sleep in for long hours in the weekends
It breaks your sleeping pattern and your body clock will not like it.
24. Start Your Morning With A Puzzle
What a wild trick. Put your alarm clock in a place where it can not be easily turned off. For example, bring a chair, put an alarm clock high on the cabinet, then put your chair back into another room.
25. Create right associations
According to Tony Robbins, We are all driven by the need to avoid pain, and the desire to gain pleasure. Create a list of pleasures associated to waking up early and another list of pains associated to NOT waking up early.
26. Track Your Early Wake Up Progress
Put a calendar on the wall and mark every day when you wake up early. As you see your achievements, you will be inspired to continue the habit.
27. Understand Sleep Mechanics
Knowledge is power. When you understand more about sleep mechanics, you will be able to make smarter decisions. The most important thing about sleep mechanics is that we sleep in cycles of around 90 110 minutes each. A good time to wake up is at the end of each cycle. So try to adjust your alarm to turn on a the end of a sleeping cycle. For example, to wake up at 400 am, you have to sleep at 1000 pm to have 4 cycles of sleep approximately. Or try setting your alarm an hour and a half before you have to get up, then resetting it to the proper time when it goes off. You should wake up more alert, since you have finished a complete sleep cycle.
28. Advertise Your Early Wake Up Habit
A good trick is to start a blog and record your progress so that you friends and family can monitor you.
29. Wake Up And Smile
that is it.
30. Start Your Day Well
Replace any negative thoughts or thinking about problems by something pleasant and optimistic. What could be better than reading a good inspiring book.