top high speed bullet trains

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Bullet Train

Top High Speed Bullet Trains

High Speed Bullet Trains.
Bullet Train

Where there is marked cnsphoto word picture copyright is the China News Network, without the written authorization of the use shall not be reproduced.Chinas bullet train the scientific name is EMU the first letter D, this new type of train driving force on the internal structure of materials and use the latest technology of locomotives. At present, China has acquired more than 200 kilometers per hour EMU integration, traction brake, body material, as well as the core technology networks.Light weight aluminum alloy material speed Confined by all out to resist the pressure of the noise.One of the important highspeed train technology to light, the train is running a ton of traction the weight of each consumes about 12 kilowatts to 300 km when the traction of each consumed about a ton of 1617 kilowatts, so in all countries in the world technology for light weight competition.
In order to reduce weight and improve corrosion resistance, bullet of the entire body using high strength aluminum alloy materials, component parts of the body from stainless steel. Much lower than the weight of alloy steel, high speed trains will help speed weight loss train is closed out, can reduce the noise, and resist high speed trains in a huge gas pressure. In addition, the bullet by the selection of a new type of non metallic materials and composite materials in decoration, are in strict accordance with the implementation of international safety standards to ensure that the case of fire the fire will not spread rapidly.Driving force for the protection of dispersion of 200 km per hour speed regenerative braking technology with reverse transmission.
Bullet train the use of advanced high speed EMU power technology dynamic dispersion. The usual electric locomotives and diesel locomotives, the power plant installed on the locomotive are concentrated, in the locomotive driving force behind the hanging of many there is no passenger compartment device. The EMU is not only a locomotive run time power, some power equipment compartment is also more conducive to improved protection of 200 kilometers per hour, even though there are 12 motor car broke down would not affect the operation.Bullet is also to take regenerative braking technology, from 200 km down to about 90 kilometers, completely rely on the reverse motor rotation, use of the enormous inertia of the train can produce electric power transmission, this stage there is no mechanical wear, is a green, environmentally friendly process, when the train speed dropped to below 90 kilometers, to be implemented in the second phase of the mechanical brake. 200 km of the train braking distance of less than 2000 meters, fully reach the world advanced level.

Bullet Train
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