tips for portfolio photography

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Choosing the Shots

Tips for Portfolio Photography

How to quickly and easily build a photography portfolio that will take you from hobbyist.
Choosing the Shots

The most difficult part of creating a portfolio is selecting the shots. Theres always a huge temptation to just select your favourites, but a photographer isnt always the best judge of their own work as they take into consideration the setting, effort and editing taken to create the shot.
Try to get some help from someone whose judgement you trust and will be impartial. Id suggest aiming to end up with a set of 20 30 shots, but start with maybe 100 and gradually take them out until youve got the desired collection. If a shot has any flaws, or is out of focus, leave it out. Its much better to have a few perfectly executed shots, than a large collection of fairly good shots.

Consider Your Target Demographic
Donandts for Photography Portfolios
Choose an appropriate carrier for the portfolio that can be assembled in a myriad of methods
Choosing the Shots
Dont Forget to Update
Try to Limit Scrolling
Provide Details with Each Photo
Shoot for free
Sketch Out a Layout
Paper vs Digital
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