help save the environment

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Run your air conditioner sparingly or not at all

Help Save the Environment

You can do your part to help save the environment just by changing your daily habits.
Run your air conditioner sparingly or not at all

Air conditioners use a great deal of electricity. Use natural ventilation or a fan to keep cool, as much as possible.If you do use an air conditioner, set it to a slightly lower temperature than outside. Remember that setting the temperature lower uses more electricity, and it wont cool things off any faster.

Write a letter to the editor
Close the heating and air conditioning vents in your home
Check for leaks
Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use
Donate or share usable household items
Use a warm blanket or sweater in winter
Drive a hybrid car
Make a compost area
Avoid excess packaging
Use reusable bottles for water
Install window treatments that maximize energy conservation
Trade in your dryer for a good old fashioned clothesline
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