help save the environment

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Take fewer airplane flights

Help Save the Environment

You can do your part to help save the environment just by changing your daily habits.
Take fewer airplane flights

Whether for work or vacation, lower the number of flights you take. Airplanes emit vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other polluting materials, which increases annually due to increased numbers of flights around the world.Do your part by taking fewer flights.
Fly economy class. If there are more people on a plane, the relative environmental impact of one flight will be spread out among more people.Opt to stay longer in a location rather than traveling back and forth.Travel locally by train or bus.Use technology for video conferencing rather than visiting a work location in person.

Walk or bike for local trips
Take fewer airplane flights
Donate or share usable household items
Install low flow toilets
Live near work school and other frequent destinations if possible
Organize a carpool for work or school
Make a compost area
Install solar panels on your roof
Buy secondhand clothes and other items
Recycle all you can
Install window treatments that maximize energy conservation
Dont use electronic exercise machines
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