top cricket commentators

Top Cricket Commentators

41. Glenn Mitchell
Glenn Mitchell has been with ABC Radio Sport since January 1990. As a commentator for ABC Radio, Glenn Mitchell had to extend his commentary far beyond cricket. He covered the 1996 and 2000 Olympics as a cycling commentator. He has also done the coverage for cycling and track and field events.

Not to impugn Glenn Mitchells reputation as a wonderful commentator, many feel that he is at his best when he commentates for cricket. Glenn Mitchell covers Australias overseas tour as well as international matches. Glenn Mitchell is at present the Executive Producer, Sport for ABC Western Australia. In Nov 2000 Glenn Mitchell was recently awarded the Australian Sports Medal by the Governor General of Australia. Glenn Mitchell has authored a book titled Pursuing Excellence. offers information on Glenn Mitchell and other famous cricket commentators.

42. Greg Chappell
Greg Chappell was a former Australia captain. With a stupendous career behind him, Greg Chappell chose to remain associated with the game and so took up coaching and commentary. He is currently the coach of the Indian Cricket Team, and has in the past coached South Australia.
43. Harsha Bhogle
A respected journalist, a top end sports presenter, a quizmaster and an immensely famous cricket commentator that is Harsha Bhogle! He began commentating from the age of eighteen and has been one of the most sought after cricket commentators in India in the recent past.
44. Henry Blofeld
Probably one of the most loved cricket commentators of modern times, Henry Blofeld had a long and successful career as a cricket commentator. An unfortunate accident in his youth cut short his promising career as a cricket player, but it did not deter him from picking up the microphone.Henry Blofeld worked with BBC Radio for many years and it was during this time that he achieved immense popularity. Though he was known to make many mistakes, mixing up players names, and was at times at loss of words, he was very famous. The listeners particularly liked his references to objects like birds, trains, airplanes and helicopters anything that flew overhead or passed by. In 2003, Henry Blofeld was awarded the OBE for his services to broadcasting. It was a much deserving honor for the man who, with his commentary, succeeded in making a special place for himself in the heart of every listener. offers information on Henry Blofeld and other famous cricket commentators.
45. Howard Marshall
Cricket commentary of today owes an immeasurable lot to Howard Marshall for pioneering the ball to ball commentary. When Howard Marshall joined as a commentator for a radio in 1927, many expressed skepticism at the feasibility of finding ears willing to listen to commentaries on a game as slow as cricket. Howard Marshall had earlier received training in journalism and been alumnus of Oxford. He had a distinct manner of commentating, which some say was almost close to being conversational.
46. Ian Botham
Ian Botham, the former great English all rounder, turned to cricket commentary shortly after his retirement from the game and soon became a famous commentator as well. It was almost like his popularity was carried forward from one frame to the other, and he picked up cricket from where he had left off. Ian Botham is a very popular cricket commentator and a part of his popularity is due to the fact that his commentary is full of wit and humor. Apart from that, he is also a very good critic of the game and is known for making accurate judgments while commentating. offers information on Ian Botham and other famous cricket commentators.
47. Ian Chappell
A swashbuckling batsman and former Australia captain, Ian Chappell is one of the most famous cricket commentators of today. He took up his second career as commentator after retiring from cricket and because of his close connection with the game, he has been one of the most analytical commentators. He is also known for being hard hitting and extremely critical of the players and teams. Ian Chappell does most of his commentary for Channel Nine in Australia. He has however been associated with some Asian sports channels as well. Apart from commentary, Ian Chappell has also some cricket shows on television. offers information on Ian Chappell and the other famous cricket commentators.
48. Jim Maxwell
With well over 175 test matches to his credit, Jim Maxwell is quite understandably, a celebrity cricket commentator in Australia. Jim Maxwells long association with Australian Broadcasting Committee began in 1973 when he joined as a trainee. Since then he has covered many other sporting events apart from cricket, like Rugby, Golf, Showjumping and Table tennis.

Jim Maxwell has also covered three Olympics on radio. Besides being a seasoned commentator, Jim Maxwell has edited ABC Cricket magazine since 1988 and also authored many books on cricket. offers information on Jim Maxwell and other famous cricket commentators.

49. John Arlott
As a commentator who was also a poet, John Arlott was a cricket commentator who was known for rendering some of the most memorable and poetic accounts of the action happening on the cricket field. He was a fine cricket journalist as well. He understood the game of cricket all to well and gave the audience a very analytical account, while maintaining the beautiful poetic touch all along.
50. Mike Atherton
Mike Atherton, the former England captain is today a famous cricket commentator. He took up commentary right after his retirement from cricket in 2001. Ever since, he has gained immense popularity as a commentator. He has regularly being commentating for the England matches, and travels with Channel 4 and BBC for the coverage of series featuring England and sometimes other countries as well.

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