top cricket commentators

Top Cricket Commentators

51. Rameez Raja
Rameez Raja straddles the role of an important official in Pakistan Cricket Board and that of an interesting commentator with great ease. His good academic record explains his comfort in commentating in English. Apart from playing for Pakistan in 57 test matches, Rameez Raja has served as the Chief Executive Officer for PCB.
52. Rex Alston
Rex Alston, the legendary British radio presenter is also one of the all time greatest cricket commentators. He was a popular broadcaster and was loved for his youthful voice. Being a former headmaster, he also had an authoritative tone in his voice which made it all the more better. Rex Alston used to do commentary for rugby and tennis apart from cricket. But once his popularity caught on and the bigwigs at BBC Radio realized his talent for cricket commentary, he was made to do only that and covered many a historic matches. Some of his comments and descriptions are especially remembered, one of them being the description of the victory celebration of the West Indians after their first win over England, in 1950.
53. Richie Benaud
Affectionately called the Bradman of broadcasting, Richie Benaud is undoubtedly the most respected and experienced cricket commentator today. He is a veteran in the truest sense of the word and has been commentating ever since the mid 1960s. Richie Benaud began his career as a radio commentator with BBC, but gradually shifted to television. He worked in Britain for Channel 4 and was associated with England cricket commentary for a good 42 years and for over 500 Tests. This association was only recently broken when Channel 4 lost the broadcasting rights of the England cricket matches to Sky Sports. Richie Benaud has however not completely retired from his job as a commentator and will continue with Australias Channel 9.
54. Sanjay Manjrekar
Sanjay Manjrekar played 37 test matches for India. His technical perfection as a batsman had few doubters, so much so that one point of time he was even being likened to the great Sunil Gavaskar. Sanjay Manjrekar took up retirement in 1997 and slipped into the role of a television commentator. Sanjay Manjrekar can be seen covering matches on Ten Sports and Sony Set Max. offers information on Sanjay Manjrekar and other famous cricket commentators.
55. Simon Mann
Hailing from Bristol, Simon Mann brings to Cricket commentary, his immense love for the game. Though he himself played nothing more than club cricket, his enthusiasm for the game is an easy compensation for his lack of hands on experience.Simon Mann began his career in BBC in 1990. He is now a part of the Test match Special TMS team. His first assignment in TMS took him to Zimbabwe with the touring England team. offers information on Simon Mann and other famous cricket commentators.
56. Tony Cozier
Tony Cozier is one of the most respected and famous cricket commentators of today. He has been a well loved West Indian journalist for many years and his journalistic credibility aided his commentary. He is a former cricketer himself and played as a wicketkeeper for some Barbados clubs.
57. Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis had the rare distinction of captaining England on his debut. He went on to play nine test matches for England. Soon after he retired from international cricket in 1974, Tony Lewis moved on to the media. Many may argue, perhaps even successfully, that Tony Lewis found popularity, which had eluded him as a test cricketer. His pleasant looks and charming personality won him many fans for his cricket coverage for BBC.
58. Trevor Bailey
A former English cricketer, Trevor Bailey made a successful transition from the cricket filed to the commentary box. After retiring from international cricket, he continued to play for Essex. It was also at this time that he started work as a journalist and commentator. He gained popularity and soon was a regular on BBC Radio. He joined other commentary stalwarts like Brian Johnston and finished his career as a very successful and famous cricket commentator. Trevor Baileys commentary is specially remembered for the intelligent use of words and also for his ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the cricketers.

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