top cricket commentators

Top Cricket Commentators

31. Michael Holding
Michael Holding, the former great West Indian fast bowler, is today regarded as one of the best cricket commentators in world. From being an immensely famous cricketer to an immensely popular cricket commentator, Michael Holding has done it all. He took to commentary soon after his retirement from cricket and joined the likes of Richie Benaud and Sunil Gavaskar in the commentary box.
32. Mike Selvey
In spite of an impressive debut, Mike Selveys test career did not go beyond three test matches for England. He was a prolific wicket taker in the domestic circuit and finished his first class career with a tally of 772 wickets. He started with Surrey, played for Cambridge University, and then moved to Middlesex before finally ending his career as the captain of Glamorgan.
33. Navjot Singh Sidhu
Many believe that the popularity Navjot Singh Sidhu has achieved as a commentator far exceeds what he had achieved in his 15 years of test cricket. Navjot Singh Sidhu is one of the most popular faces on television today and has provoked plenty of jokes that center around him. Navjot Singh Sidhu is known especially for his one liners that are always delivered at the most opportune moments. These wise one liners have been termed as Sidhuisms. Some of the famous Sidhuisms are As a test cricketer for India, Navjot Singh Sidhu went on to play 51 test matches and 136 ODIs. Navjot Singh Sidhu earned the nickname of a Sixer Sidhu for his knack of hitting the spinners for sixers. He played mostly as an opening batsman and scored 3202 runs in test matches at an average of 42.13.

Navjot Singh Sidhus commentaries are liked particularly for their outspokenness. In 2003, things went a trifle overboard when Navjot Singh Sidhu allegedly used expletives in the commentary box. Consequently, his contract with ESPN Star Sports was brought to a close. Later Navjot Singh Sidhu moved to Ten Sports. Navjot Singh Sidhus ever increasing popularity could never have been contained by the smallness of a commentary box, he now appears on number of programmes on television that are far removed from cricket. offers information on Navjot Singh Sidhu and other famous cricket commentators.

34. Peter West
Peter West embarked on his relationship with BBC in 1947; the journey lasted for 40 long years. An indispensable part of BBCs coverage team, apart from cricket Peter West commented on almost all sporting activities like rugby, football, tennis and the Olympic game.Other than being a broadcaster for the BBC, Peter West also worked as a correspondent for The Times as well as The Daily Telegraph. Peter West died in 2003 at the age of 83. offers information on Peter West and other famous cricket commentators.
35. Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri is one of the popular commentators seen on television these days. His comments are clear and crisp and often punctuated with witty remarks. Ravi Shastri is seen mostly on ESPN Star sports channel. Ravi Shastris test career was quite an eventful one. In a career that lasted over ten years, Ravi Shastri reached the utmost height that any test cricketer would aspire to and also at the same time discovered that success is always a double edged sword. Ravi Shastri was presented the Champions of the Champions award in the World Championship of Cricket in Australia in 1985.

For a player who started as a specialist bowler, Ravi Shastri went on to open the innings for India and achieved great success. In the 80 test matches that he played, Ravi Shastri scored 3830 runs and took 151 wickets. Ravi Shastris first appeared as a commentator in the World Masters Tournament in Mumbai in1995. offers information on Ravi Shastri and other famous cricket commentators.

36. Simon Hughes
Simon Hughes a former county cricketer is today a respected journalist and cricket commentator. He has been writing for The Independent and The Daily Telegraph for many years now and has also authored a number of books. He has been associated with Channel 4, BBC and other Five and has done commentary for these networks regularly. The son of actor Peter Hughes and brother of historian Bettany Hughes, this broadcaster from England is one of the most famous names in cricket commentary today.
37. Tony Greig
Tony Greig, the former England cricketer, is today a famous cricket commentator. He has been commentating for a long time and though controversial at times, he is a much loved and famous cricket commentator today. Tony Greig was also famous for having helped Kerry Packer during the World Series Cricket. Packer was so indebted to Greig that he offered him a lifetime job as a commentator on Packers Nine Network. So, soon after leaving the game Tony Greig took up the job as commentator and ever since has been one of the most sought after cricket commentators. He has also been associated with the British network, Channel Four.
38. Alan McGilvray
Alan McGilvray was one of most celebrated commentators of his time. How many people receive an MBE, like he did in 1974 and an Order of Australia in 1980, for simply speaking on the radio? Alan McGilvray, as a commentator, brought before the people glued to their radio sets to listen to his commentary, a vicarious pleasure of watching a cricket match live. Alan McGilvrays commentary brought alive the moving bodies on the cricket outfield in the minds of his listeners.
39. Christopher Martin Jenkins
Christopher Martin Jenkins first brush with competitive cricket came when in Cambridge he captained Cambride University Crusaders. After obtaining an Honours Degree in Historyin 1967, Christopher Martin Jenkins joined as a deputy Editor for a cricket magazine, besides doing free lance for Daily Mail and BBC.Three years later, Christopher Martin Jenkins joined BBC to become a Sports Broadcaster and only a year later became BBCs cricket correspondent. Christopher Martin Jenkins awarded the coveted Benedictine Sporting After Dinner Speaker of the Year. Christopher Martin Jenkins has authored many books on cricket, some of them being CC in West Indies 1974; Assault On The Ashes MCC in Australia 1974 5;The Jubilee Tests 1977; In Defence of The Ashes 1979 80. offers information on Christopher Martin Jenkins and other famous cricket commentators.
40. David Lloyd
Even as a cricketer, David Lloyd was known for his witty one liners that continued to regale English cricket even in his capacity as the coach of the England team. David Lloyd showed immense potential as a cricketer, which is starkly belied by his only nine test match appearances. After his retirement in 1985, David Lloyd tried his hand briefly at umpiring and then radio commentating, before taking up coaching.

David Lloyd style of functioning as a coach did not go too happily with few others in the management. David Lloyd quit coaching after the 1999 World Cup and took up commentating with Sky TV. David Lloyd is now an acclaimed cricket pundit and his expert views and comments are well received by the cricket lovers all over. offers information on David Lloyd and other famous cricket commentators.

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