top cricket commentators

Top Cricket Commentators

11. Don Mosey
Don Moseys twenty years of commentating for BBCs Test Match Special, earned him scores of fans, fame, friends and a nickname Alderman. Don Mosey joined BBC in 1974, prior to which he worked as a journalist for The Daily Mail and Daily Express, before becoming a radio sports producer in Manchester.

Don Mosey shared the microphone with some of the best people in the business like Brian Johnston, John Arlott and Christopher Martin Jenkins. Don Mosey earned everyones admiration through his unwavering professionalism. Don Mosey traveled with the touring England on four occasions. Besides being a broadcaster, Don Mosey was also a prolific writer. He authored many books and also acted as a ghostwriter for many cricketers like Ray Illingworth, Geoffrey Boycott. Don Mosey died on 12 August 1999. He was aged 74. offers information on Don Mosey and other famous cricket commentators.

12. Farokh Engineer
Farokh Engineer was probably the best Indian wicketkeeper. He played over 40 Tests for India and was also considered to be a very stylish batsman. After retiring from cricket, he took up commentary and was often seen along side the other experts in the commentary box. His thoughtful insights and analytical comments made him popular as a commentator, and though his career as a commentator was short lived, it was famous nevertheless.
13. Graeme Foxy Fowler
Graeme Foxy Fowler was a former English batsman, and now is a famous cricket commentator. He does most of his commentary on radio. He has a very unique style of commentating and is known to be brash and extremely bold. His commentary is hard hitting, and that makes him a very popular cricket commentator.
14. Johnnie Moyes
The closest Johnnie Moyes ever came to playing a test match for Australia was in 1914, when he was picked for the tour to South Africa: then war came and the tour got cancelled. After a brief service in the war that brought him a military cross, Johnnie Moyes started as an editor of a leading newspaper in Sydney. It was in 1950 that Johnnie Moyes embarked on a career that was to bring him fame and money. He joined ABC as a commentator in that year.

Johnnie Moyes splashed his commentary with the brightness of his exuberance and painted a picture so vivid for his listeners. Apart from cricket commentary, writing remained a passion for Johnnie Moyes. He has written on many Australian Cricketers and also a comprehensive history of Australian Cricket. Johnnie Moyes received MBE for his service to cricket. He died on 18th January 1963 at the age of 70. offers information on Johnnie Moyes and other famous cricket commentators.

15. Kerry OKeeffe
Kerry OKeeffes test career might have ended in the most disappointing manner, but he has made all the amends for it with his second career as a commentator. Kerry OKeeffe played 24 test matches for Australia and would have sunk into oblivion imposed upon most failed cricketers had broadcasting not resurrected him. To many, Kerry OKeeffe was tailor made for media. Extremely witty and mischievous humor could not have been better supplemented by knowledge in the game.

Kerry OKeeffe is commentator on ABC Radio. He also lends his voice to Nine Network once in a while. offers information on Kerry OKeeffe and other famous cricket commentators.

16. Mark Nicholas
Mark Nicholas cricketing career was not something one could describe as great, though was amongst the most talented players in England who never played for the national side. Mark Nicholas played county cricket for Hampshire and captained it for many seasons. After his retirement, Mark Nicholas joined Sky Sports as a commentator. His polished bearings and clear thoughts probably accounting for it, he achieved the transition from a cricketer to broadcaster with greatest of ease. Mark Nicholas anchored almost all of Channel 4s cricket coverage from 1999 2005.

In 2006, Mark Nicholas was seen covering Australian Nine Networks presentation of 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Mark Nicholas contributes to The Daily Telegraph with weekly columns. Recently, Mark Nicholas was offered to join Five TV to do their coverage English Cricket from 2006 10. Mark Nicholas has won the prestigious award of the Sports Presenter of the Year in 2001 by the Royal Television Society. offers information on Mark Nicholas and other famous cricket commentators.

17. Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel is one of the most respected sports journalists of England. He has been writing for The Guardian for many years. He has been an occasional cricket commentator as well. That apart, Matthew Engel has authored some books and is famous as the editor the Wisden Cricketers Almanack.
18. Mike Gatting
Mike Gatting, the famous former English captain, may have had a very controversial career as a cricketer, but his popularity as a cricket commentator is huge. He took to commentary soon after his retirement from cricket in 1998. Mike Gatting has been associated with a number of television and radio channels and is today a famous cricket commentator.

Mike Gattings commentary is often interlaced with humor, and his love for food is a frequent topic. He and his colleagues regularly joke about it and it makes the commentary both light and enjoyable for the listeners. offers information on Mike Gatting and other famous cricket commentators.

19. Norton Pereira
Norton Pereira played domestic cricket in Sri Lanka in the 1950s. He was highly rated all rounder. Norton Pereira joined as a broadcaster with Radio Ceylon and gained grea popularity. In his capacity as a commentator Norton Pereira covered both international as well domestic matches.
20. Sunil Gavaskar
The legendary Indian batsman, Sunil Gavaskar has been one of the finest cricketers of the country. As a cricketer, his popularity knew no limits and as a commentator today, the case stands quite similar. He has been a commentator for many years now and once a master blaster on the cricket field, he is now a master of the commentary box. Sunil Gavaskar has been associated with some Asian media channels and is seen regularly commentating during matches played by India.

Sunil Gavaskars commentary has occasionally been controversial, yet liked by his fans. He gives an honest account of the happenings on field and seldom shies away from criticizing a bad performance. What makes his commentary even more popular is the combination of seriousness and lightheartedness. While he speaks in an authoritative tone a much expected trait of such a senior cricketer, he never fails to entertain the listener with his excerpts about his own playing experiences. offers information on Sunil Gavaskar and other famous cricket commentators.

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