tips to success in mat exam

Take economics and statistics in college

Tips to success in MAT Exam

GMAT preparation tips and success stories earlier.
Take economics and statistics in college

Some questions on the GMAT will test your knowledge of statistics, which isn t required in some high schools. It s best to take an intro statistics class early in college so that the content is fresh in your mind before taking the GMAT, testing experts say. Also, the GMAT doesn t directly test economics content, but a working familiarity of the subject s basic principles will help you better understand and interpret the business focused content of the test. [Taking an] economics [class] is good because it gives you real life scenarios that you might see in a reading passage, says Wise. Economics helps you take a business perspective when reading a problem, so it helps for [the] verbal [section].

Get comfortable with the actual test taking conditions
This List is Short but Exhaustive
Avoid random guessing
Build up not down
Take as many practice tests as you can
Try to complete the exam
Using Realistic Material
Read all the questions carefully
Master effective guesswork
Strive to go beyond your target GMAT score
Review your maths
Take economics and statistics in college
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