tips for smart work

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Control clients by communicating properly

Tips for Smart Work

Being smart at work has become quintessential to getting noticed and tasting success in office.
Control clients by communicating properly

Make sure your clients will understand what the normal turnaround time will be for a project. Do not be influenced by their insistence that their job requires a big rush. Most businesses have more than one client, yet many clients forget that their job is not the only one youre working on.

Give one to three choices never more. Handing a swatch book to a client and saying,Tell me which colors you are interested in is deadly. Too many choices will cause horrible delays as the customer peruses ALL possibilities and later tends to second guess every decision. Instead, say things like,Do you like this blue or this green better?

Spend time in nature
Consider your materials
Control clients by communicating properly
Smart you
Delegate to the right people at the right times
Share Priorities
Smart conversations with seniors
Re bid if necessary
Smart reputation
Look for shortcuts
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