rules to play yoga


Rules to play Yoga


The method of Viniyoga represents a kind of middle path between the exactness of Iyengar yoga and the physically demanding Ashtanga yoga. It is based on the principle of vinyasa krama, which means an organized course of yoga study, and combines asana, pranayama, meditation, text study, counseling, imagery, prayer, chanting, and ritual. Yoga postures are tailored to the physical needs and limitations of each student, taking into account body type, emotional needs, cultural heritage, and interest. Emphasis is on the spine, and breath is considered more important than how the posture is done. Breath and movement are consciously coordinated and the inhalations and exhalations are articulated in varying lengths and ratios. Typically, classes are private oneonone sessions.

How to Practice
Seated Postures
Kundalini Yoga
Standing Postures
Back Bends
Iyengar Yoga
Forward Bends
What to Practice
Inverted Postures
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Side Bends
Health Benefits of Yoga
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