rules to play triathlon

Rules to play Triathlon

1. Scope
These Competitive Rules (Rules) are adopted by USA Triathlon and govern the administration of all races and events sanctioned by USA Triathlon. These Rules are binding on all members of USA Triathlon and all persons who enter or participate in any event sanctioned by USA Triathlon.
2. Purpose
These Rules are designed to set forth a standard set of parameters within which athletes can participate in triathlons and compete in a positive atmosphere of equal opportunity. These Rules are intended

a. to promote and maintain sportsmanship, equal opportunity and fair play;
b. to encourage and reward individual performance and initiative;
c. to protect the health, safety, and well being of participants;
d. to promote the integrity of sport and triathlon as a positive cultural force in modern day society; and
e. to foster the foregoing ideals through the establishment and enforcement of punitive rules.

3. Construction
These Rules shall be interpreted and construed in a manner consistent with their purpose. Whenever the context so indicates, the masculine or feminine gender, and the singular or plural number, shall be construed to include the other.
4. Rules Exceptions and Additions
For any particular event, a race director may request from USA Triathlon a specific exception or addition to these Rules. Any such request should be made with the consideration of the participant
5. Membership or Permit Requirements
All participants in events sanctioned by USA Triathlon must be members of USA Triathlon and be able to present a valid annual membership card or must purchase a USA Triathlon single event permit. Any athlete who intentionally participates in an event despite (i) lack of membership, or (ii) ineligibility for the relevant membership class shall be suspended or barred from membership in USA Triathlon and banned from participation in any sanctioned event for a period of up to one year.
6. Membership Eligibility
Membership in USA Triathlon is available to all persons in good standing with USA Triathlon who submit a completed application, pay the required membership fee, and comply with all the requirements determined by USA Triathlon to be applicable to the specific category of membership desired. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.
7. Prize Money
Distribution of prize money shall comply with the following standards

When prize money is available in any event, no restrictive rules or conditions which have the effect of impeding performance may be placed upon any one category of members or group of participants unless such rules or conditions are imposed equally upon all those participants who are eligible for prize money.

Prize money for any sanctioned event shall be distributed equally between men and women in both amount and depth. For each placing where prize money is offered for one gender, including any bonus for swim, bike, or run placing, there must be a corresponding and equal place for the other gender offering the same amount of prize money.

Where the depth of prize places exceeds the number of competitors in either gender, that portion of prize money designated for the places for which there are no finishers will not be distributed.

Events that feature a gender neutral competition through a handicapped time delay start for the men in order that women and men compete on an equal basis for a bonus prize shall not be construed to be in violation of Article.

8. Single Event Permits
At the discretion of USA Triathlon, persons who are not annual members of USA Triathlon may be allowed to participate in certain sanctioned events through the issuance of a single event permit. USA Triathlon shall determine the fee and establish the requirements necessary to obtain a single event permit. Any person obtaining a single event permit shall be subject to all of the Rules, Regulations and Policies of USA Triathlon.
9. Preparation and Training
No person shall participate in a triathlon or other multisport events unless such person
a. is trained adequately for that specific event, as might be expected of a prudent person entering a similar competition, and.
b. is in excellent health, based on recent training, physical examinations, if any, and generally accepted standards of good health.
10. Age Group Competition
a. All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete

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