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Party Games

41. Heart Tic Tac Toe
Valentine's Day Party
Cut out nine pink hearts. Have colourful chits with interesting questions like favourite colour, favourite dish, most memorable moment etc. written on them and put them in a glass bowl. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a board. Divide guests into pairs. Call on one pair at a time and ask them questions about each other. For example you may ask one partner what is the favourite colour of his/her partner. If it is answered correctly, they may place a heart on any of the 9 places on the grid. Likewise ask 9 questions from each pair and keep placing the hearts on the grid. The pair with maximum hearts on the grid wins.

42. Candy Heart Jar
Valentine's Day Party
This is a simple variation of a guessing game that is always a hit! Fill a jar with candy hearts (doesn't matter which kind), and have guests guess how many hearts are there in the jar. The person who comes closer is the winner and wins the prize.

43. Roses are Red Board
Valentine's Day Party
Take a large white poster board and title it "Roses are Red, Violets are blue..." at the top centre. Cut out one large pink heart to the bottom corner of the poster board so that it forms a pocket to hold markers, smaller hearts and scotch tape. Now cut smaller hearts out of construction paper, these should be big enough so that you can write a line or two on them. Place these in the larger heart pocket. When your guests arrive, divide them in pairs, tell them to take a heart and finish the next two lines of the poem. They then stick their heart to the board with scotch tape. Call out a volunteer who has not participated to judge the best love poem. The poets of the best poem wins.

44. Broken Hearts
Valentine's Day Party
Have a board and some board pins at a central place Take large cut outs of red construction paper. Cut hearts in half, using a zigzag or other shapes, making each one unique. You should have enough half hearts so that each person at the party gets one. As your guests arrive, hand them one of the half hearts and tell them to find their match by finding the other half. Whichever pair pins their complete heart on the board first, wins.

45. Famous Couples
Valentine's Day Party
Write names of famous couples on mailing labels. When the game starts stick one label on their back. They need to guess who the famous couple is by asking yes or no questions to other people at the party. They may not ask the same person more than one question. Whoever guesses the name of the famous couple on his/her back first, wins

46. Best proposal
Valentine's Day Party
You just need a few Rose buds for this game. As your guests arrive, handover a rose bud to all male members. Do not tell them about the game now and just ask them to keep it with them. When everyone arrives, ask the male members to choose a pretty face from the party who they would like to propose. Now let them propose to their favourite person in a most unusual and innovative way. Ask a volunteer who is not participating to be the judge. The person, who proposes in the most innovative way, gets the prize.

47. Be My Valentine
Valentine's Day Party
This party game starts off by blindfolding one person, while the rest of the group forms a circle around him/her. The group then proceeds to pass around the circle an object (this object could be a pink, stuffed heart). While the object is being passed around, the blindfolded person call out ?'Be My Valentine'' Whoever is holding the object when "Be My Valentine" is called, then gives the blindfolded person a kiss (it can be on lips, cheeks, hands, etc). After the kiss they remove the blindfold to see who their Valentine is. This Valentine's Day party game is sure to be a lot of fun.

48. Head over Heels
Valentine's Day Party
On Valentine's Day, this game is played in pairs. You need large paper glasses, ice cream cones without ice cream and lots of popcorn in a large bowl placed in the centre. Let the pairs stand around the bowl of popcorn. As the game starts, ask each partner to put a paper glass on his/her head. He/she is not allowed to use his/her hands to hold the cup.The other partner takes an empty cone, fills popcorn and then transfers these in the paper glass kept on his/her partner's head. Play a nice catchy romantic number while the game is on. Whichever pair fills the glass first, wins.

49. Valentine s Treat
Valentine's Day Party
This game is played in pairs. You just need some blindfolds and chocolate bars. Tie all the participants' hands at their back. Now blindfold both partners, put a chocolate bar in his mouth, make them face each other and finish the chocolate together. Whichever pair finishes the treat first, wins.

50. Cupid s Cards
Valentine's Day Party
For this game, take out all the hearts from a pack of cards and keep them in a tray on a table in the centre. Let the pairs stand facing each other with their hands tied at their back. Let one partner pick up one card at a time with his mouth and place it between the lips of his partner. The other partner will then place it back in the tray. Likewise all the 13 cards have to be passed this way. Whichever pairs places the maximum cards back on the tray, wins.

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