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Party Games

11. Tie Style
This game is played in pairs. All the pairs are handed a colourful tie each. One partner has to put the tie on the neck of the other partner in a new style and not the usual style of wearing a tie. Whichever pair ties it in the most unusual and smart way gets the prize

Play the music and let both of the partners dance while tying the tie
12. Mummy Game
This game is played in pairs. A toilet paper roll could be given to each pair. One partner has to roll the paper around the other partner covering him or her completely to look like a mummy. Whichever pair does it first gets the prize.

Before starting you could send each pair somewhere not seen by the others and then only the person who has been made the mummy comes out and the others guess the person.
13. The Proposal
A picture of a beautiful girl could be taken or drawn on a chart paper. When the party starts handover a rose bud to each male member. When the game begins, each male member would be asked to make a proposal for a date with the rose bud to the dummy picture. Whoever proposes in the most unique/funny way gets the prize.

You could blindfold the boy and then ask him to propose.
14. Paper Dance
The group is divided into pairs. Each pair is given a sheet of newspaper which is spread on the floor. All the pairs get on to their respective newspaper sheet and start dancing. Everytime the music is stopped, the newspaper is folded in to half. The pair has to be within the periphery of the newspaper and dance. If any of the partner's foot goes outside the newspaper, the pair is out. The pair that is left in the end is the winner.

The partners could pass a cushion to each other while dancing.
15. Donut rewards
This game is played in pairs. Donuts are hung on a string (or a clothesline) at some distance and the pairs are asked to jump, bite and eat the donut. Their hands are tied at the back. If the donut falls on the ground, the pair is out. The pair that eats the donut first gets the prize.

The pair's hands are tied together so they need to jump together to eat the donut.
16. Treasure Hunt
Divide the members in 2 teams (team A and team B). Each group has to work together and find clues to a treasure which should be hidden in the most unlikely place. The clues should help the members to get to the treasure. The team which finds the treasure first wins.

You could make the clues a little confusing or indirect.
17. The sipper
Ask the participants to be in a line. Keep a bowl of small colourful thermocol balls in front of each of them. Give them a straw each. They have to inhale through the straw to pick up one thrmocol ball and put it in the 2nd bowl. Whoever collects the maximum balls in 1 minute is the winner

You can play it in pairs. One partner puts the thermocol balls in the bowl and the other makes a garland of these balls by putting them through a needle and a thread.
18. Forbidden word
When the party begins, one common word is decided by the group as the forbidden word. After that each participant is asked 3 questions and the person needs to answer without using the forbidden word. Whoever is successful in answering without using the forbidden word is the winner.( The answers may or may not be correct)

You can ask them to answer without using the word 'I'
19. Dress your partner
This game is played in pairs. All the pairs are asked to stand in a row facing each other. Each pair is given a loose shirt, a belt, a tie and a hat. Now one partner dresses up the other by making him wear the shirt first, buttoning it up, then the belt, the tie and the hat one by one. The other partner just stands with his hands streched in front. Whoever is ready first, is the winner.

Once the other partner is ready, he runs to a finish line.
20. Musical chairs
Chairs are arranged in a circle. Everyone stands in a circle and when the music starts, everyone starts running. The number of chairs should be less than the number of participants.Once the music stops, everyone should sit on a chair. Those who are left standing are out. Each time the game is started again, one chair should be removed. The person who stays till the end becomes the winner.

All the boys could be asked to stand in a row putting their hand on their waist forming an arm loop. The 1st boy makes an arm loop with his left hand and the next one with his right hand and so on. When the music stops, the girls put their arm in the boy's arm loop. whoever is left without an arm loop is oput.

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