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Party Games

31. Dancing Around Chairs
New Year Party
This game is fun to play among large group of members. You must keep chairs (one less than the number of players) in opposite directions. The players are supposed to move in a line around the chairs as long as the music plays. Once the music stops they must be seated to their adjacent chair. The person who does not get a chair to sit gets disqualified and another chair is removed to carry on with other rounds. The player who remains till the last wins the game.

32. Resolution of the Year
New Year Party
This very common game is fun to play with lots of people around. Each player gets a minute to come up with an extraordinary/funny resolution for the coming year. One judge must be kept who decides which player has come up with the best resolution of the year and that player gets a prize.

33. Treasure Hunt 2
New Year Party
This game is played between two teams. One team must hide all the New Year goodies in the room at the most unpredictable place. There are clues hidden everywhere in the room to get to that treasure. The team which finds the goodies first wins the game.

34. Guess the Movies
New Year Party
Take a bowl or a party hat and fill it with chits of names of the upcoming movies. Each player takes out a single chit and must convey the name of the movie through actions and no words. The person who manages to convey the name to another player gets a gift along with the one who guessed it correctly.

35. Let s Rewind
New Year Party
This game must be conducted by a leader, the leader has to prepare a list of popular incidents that happened in the passing year. The players must be able to guess the month in which that incident happened and write it on a paper. The person with the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game.

36. Find your Family
New Year Party
For playing this game one must prepare chits with names of members of a family (for example: Cat family- papa cat, mamma cat, brother cat, sister cat etc. depending on the number of people you want to keep in each family. Similarly dog family, fish family etc.). The chits are then picked up by all the participants. Once the game starts everyone must call out to gather all their family members and together run towards the finish line. The family who reaches the finish line earliest with all the family members wins the game.

37. Grab your Gift
New Year Party
For playing this game you need to put lots of New Year goodies on a table in a scattered manner. Each player gets 3 rings to try and get a gift by throwing the ring around their chosen gift from a set distance. The players who manage to get their rings perfectly around the gift win it.

38. Burst the New Year Balloon
New Year Party
For this game you must blow lots of balloons and insert chits inside it with messages like-try another balloon, not this one, go burst another etc. and in one balloon put a chit with Happy New Year written on it. The player who bursts the balloon with a Happy New Year message inside it wins the game.

39. Spotlight on You
New Year Party
This game must be conducted by a person. You must prepare a list of questions corresponding to the guests in the party. For example- the youngest in the group, the one with longest earrings, the one with maximum colours on their dress etc. The person conducting the game must speak out the question and whoever amongst the players is fit for the category must run towards that person and get their gift.

40. Race with Balloon
New Year Party
This game is played in pairs. The partners are supposed to pass a balloon to each other in a relay manner without letting the balloon touch the ground. The pair that gets to the finish line earliest with their balloon wins the game.

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