party games

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Party Games

21. Master Crafter
Halloween Party
This game can be played in groups. Each group of 4-5 members is given a pumpkin and a set of knives, decorative items like coloured wool, paper streamers, tape, candles and matchbox. They are then asked to scoop out the pulp from the pumpkin and then carve it to make a Jack-o-lantern. A candle is then placed inside the lantern. Whichever group makes the best lantern gets a prize.

22. Best Halloween monster
Halloween Party
This game is played in pairs. A huge pile of Halloween costumes and props like brooms and masks etc is placed in the centre. When the game starts, one partner of each pair runs to gather a Halloween costume comes back and dresses up the other partner. Whichever pair is ready first gets the prize.

23. Costume Race
Halloween Party
Children are asked to line up in a row. They are then asked to run to a finish line. On the way to the finish line, they have to keep wearing a part of a monster or a witch costume. Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins.

24. Toss in the pumpkin
Halloween Party
A large cardboard box can be cut in the shape of a pumpkin. Ask the children to stand at a distance and keep tossing balls in the pumpkin. Whoever tosses the maximum balls in the pumpkin, wins a prize.

25. Ring the witch s hat
Halloween Party
Make hats with cardboard paper in different sizes. Put them at a distance. Give colourful plastic rings to the children. Ask them to put the rings around the hats from a distance. Whoever rings the maximum hats gets a prize.

26. Halloween Chef
Halloween Party
This game can be played in groups or pairs. Each team is given a boiled egg. Goodies like ice-cream cones, chocolates, candies, jellies, gum balls etc are placed in a bowl. One team member has to run and collect the goodies one by one from the bowl and the others have to decorate the egg like a witch?s face.

27. Halloween Mask Maker
Halloween Party
This game can be played in groups. Each team is given coloured paper, scissors, glue, coloured buttons, masking tape, colour pens, ribbons etc. They are then asked to make a Halloween mask and make a member wear it. Whichever team is the quickest, gets a prize.

28. Trick or Treating
Halloween Party
One person has to conduct the game and has to throw candies in all directions towards the players. The players are supposed to catch as many candies as possible in their hallooween caps. The person with the maximum number of candies wins the game.

29. Scary Movie
Halloween Party
The players are divided into teams and each team gets a preparation time of one minute. The teams must come up with an interesting scary story of about a minute . The team with the scariest story wins the game.

30. Pumpkin Football
Halloween Party
This game is played by dividing the players into two teams. They have to pot the pumpkins into the goal post using broom sticks in a limited time duration. The team with maximum number of goals wins.

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