importants dates of indian history

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Missile Launches and Green Revolution

Importants Dates Of Indian History

All facts of Indian History which included ancient india,medieval india and modern India.
Missile Launches and Green Revolution

India has some historic significance that took place after its independence which led the country to new way of Development in field of technology and nuclear energy. The successful invention of great missiles like Prithvi (1, 2, and 3) and the powerful Agni versions made a very high place for India in international arena. Also as Indias 69% of population is still based on agriculture, there was need to enhance it and this was done by M.S.Swaminathan introducing Green revolution.

Emergency of 1975
Missile Launches and Green Revolution
First Nuclear Test 1974
Liberalization of 1991
Shift from Silver Standard to Gold Standard
How Gurdaspur got India Kashmir
1998 Formation of the Task Force
Launch of First Indian Satellite
Nomination of Sardar Vallabhai Patel for Prime Minister
26th November 2008
State Reorganization Act 1956
Telecom revolution 1995
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