healthy head

Reduce and Eliminate Smoking Drinking and other Drugs

Healthy Head

Reduce and Eliminate Smoking Drinking and other Drugs

Mood altering substances, such as drugs and cigarettes, can decrease our functioning, lower our motivation, and impair our cognitive processes. They alter our emotions, which impairs our thinking by reducing focus, attention, memory, and our ability to execute plans. Smoking is one of the leading causes of over a dozen cancers, including lung, oral, stomach, and liver cancer. Not to mention it stains our fingers, teeth and hair, and leaves us with foul smelling breath!

Dont smoke
Exercise regularly
Eat more colorfully
Adopt a Nutrient Rich Diet
Engage Yourself in the Complex and Novel
Know Whats Normal Memory Loss
Engage family and friends
Maintain your role and sense of purpose
Set Financial Goals
Become a Social Butterfly
Slow Down and Appreciate the Silence
Engage in mentally stimulating activities
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