expensive things youll need in your dream house

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House
1. A scenic backyard rain shower for those hot summer days
As a child we all loved playing with Lego bricks and Lego construction sets. Your dream house when becoming a millionaire could have just the thing you have always dreamt of as a child. A giant Lego board built against one complete side of the wall. This
2. This bookshelf which opens up to reveal a hidden room
Bookshelves that open up or revolve to reveal hidden staircases or rooms and parlors. We must have seen this several times in various movies of crime and intrigue. Even Victorian or medieval movies will show a revolving interior book shelf. Being a millionaire you would definitely want something identical to what is shown in this picture, a complete series of pristine white bookshelves filled with various books. The shelves are partitioned into various compartments so that one of them can be rotated. You could always integrate such a construction to hide a private room meant for a select few or even to keep some of your most valuable possessions.
3. inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bed
If having a secret compartment or room hidden with your bookshelves isnt enough you could also grow upon the idea and enhance the structure to additional luxury. You dream home when youre a millionaire could also have a nice expensive bed built into the wall of your secret room where above the bed will contain additional multiple shelves. As seen in the image the bed too could be constructed to have a built in storage which contains shelves for books. The design would be similar to a file cabinet but meant for books. A nice expensive bedside cabinet showcase will complete the decor of the little room.
4. A four sided Lego wall with unlimited potential for creativity
As a child we all loved playing with Lego bricks and Lego construction sets. Your dream house when becoming a millionaire could have just the thing you have always dreamt of as a child. A giant Lego board built against one complete side of the wall. This would delight not only your kids but adults too could have as much fun recapturing their childhood. The giant board as seen in the image has the potential for loads of creative designs even as a wall decor in the room. The Lego board here is a giant one with large figures stuck on it. The red window matches the design.
5. A romantic fireplace that serves both the bathtub and bedroom
Your million dollar home needs to have an element of romanticism in it. When youre a millionaire you could do anything with your home and the best thing you could do is incorporate a mini fireplace within your bathroom. Just take a closer look at this picture. The interior decoration here has been aesthetically designed so that none of the items clash with each other. The shades are all warm in nature with ivory greystone and off white. This gives you a Victorian feel to the atmosphere. The fireplace has been raised up a bit to be on level with the bathtub which has a few flowers and a fern on the sides.
6. A huge backyard treehouse with patio and balcony
What we see is a wonderful tree house in the backyard, replete with its own balcony and patio. Moreover, its own quaint hammock completes the picture and gives one the impression of total comfort and luxury. The one room on top is so well lit that it gives the impression of a spacious living room that you can use for relaxing or reading. The lighting also is powerful and the solid wooden poles on which the house is perched gives one a sense of solidness and security. Just ideal for an outdoor meal or for spending weekends.
7. An actual creek that flows peacefully under the house
Now thats a marvel of engineering and architecture You are walking on water
8. This ultra secret bedroom closet waterslide that leads to a luxurious indoor pool
Let the water freak in you take over It comes at a cost though but you could simply slide into your houses indoor pool through a waterslide discreetly kept in your bedrooms closet. No unnecessarily climbing stairs or walking down hallways to reach your private pool. Just change into your swimsuit in the privacy of your bedroom and slide down for a swim. Thats all there is to it. It would undoubtedly cost you a package to have a facility like that but it surely is a time saver. Saves you a whole lot of walking also.
9. A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater
Want to watch a movie while you swim? No problems at all. With the grand advent of science and technology that is also possible. All you need is a large wall to fix your giant LED screen and four corners to hook up your quadraphonic speakers and switch on the DVD player. Of course, you need rubber mats and float tubes to lounge in the water while you stare at the screen, enjoying the movie. What a grand way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. There couldnt be a
10. Your own mini golf course and putting range nestled between rooms
Who said golf is strictly an outdoor sport? Now you can have a quick round even within the confines of your home if your facilities are right. You just need to find that long space between two rooms and, surround it with thick shatterproof glass and you have your own driving range and putting green, all rolled into one. The hassle of having to drive to the golf club is over. You can have a quick round as and when you like, be it day or night. Practice all you want without anybody disturbing you. A must for golf enthusiasts.

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