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tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
71. The Simple Solution To Procrastination
Its a terrible curse that even when its in our own best interests to do something we still procrastinate.
Even if dire consequences await if you do.
Procrastination is a particularly common problem for high school students. Perhaps your teen is currently suffering from a vicious strain of procrastination right now? If they are, theyre not alone.
Every single person procrastinates. And unless some drug company comes up with a very freaky type of drug to cure procrastination itis, Im not expecting your teen to stop procrastinating altogether.
72. Our goal simply needs to be to get them to procrastinate less
Procrastination is probably one of the biggest obstacles holding your teen back from getting the grades theyre capable of getting.
Unfortunately, its more trying than ever for a teen NOT to procrastinate, with the ridiculous number of technological distractions at their finger tips
I battle procrastination fairly well most of the time , but thats only because Ive been studying a lot longer than your teen and find it fairly easy to get into the swing of things. But I didnt have the internet or cell phones to distract me when I was at high school
73. So what is the simple solution to procrastination
When youre staring down a long dark tunnel that seems never ending it can all seem pretty grim and depressing. And this is the way most teens think about studying.
But when you have something to look forward to, its a THOUSAND times easier to launch into the task ahead of you.
74. This is why incentives can play a huge role in combating your teens procrastination
Incentives will give your teen little beacons of light to look towards as they make their way through the otherwise very dark tunnel.
Incentives punctuate study time and make it seem much less daunting.
This is why they work so well. When a task feels daunting and overwhelming, its human nature to try and avoid it for as long as possible.
75. When you have little things to look forward to it makes the task much easier to tackle
The way I use incentives is simply to set myself little goals throughout the day. For example, Ill tell myself that Im allowed to watch an episode of Friends if I study straight for the next three hours without procrastinating.
Or Ill tell myself that if I study hard for the next few hours before dinner, Ill feel great about the effort Ive put in and feel no guilt in sitting down to a nice dinner and relaxing for an hour or so.
These small incentives work really well for me, especially when Im putting in more study hours for upcoming exams.
76. Everyone is different
Incentives that help your teen battle procrastination may very well be different. Sit down with them and have a chat about what little things would motivate them. They will often have a few ideas that you wouldnt have thought of that might work very well for them.
Using incentives it just one example of all the really simple things your teen can do to help transform their grades.
Maybe using incentives will be your teens magic bullet for study success?
77. An Effective Exam Study Technique Your Teen Will Love
How your teen studies is critical to their exam success.
Thats the underlying theme of everything we do and say at The Study Gurus. With the right study techniques and a good work ethic, good grades are within anyones grasp.
My exams are creeping up horribly fast, only six weeks away now. But the good news is Ive come across a fabulous exam study technique that I know will help my study.
And Im sure it will apply just as well to your teens subjects at school too
78. Whats different about this technique
A lot of students go wrong because their study has no direction. The reason this technique is so effective is because it forces your teen to think specifically about whats going to come up in the exam. This will focus their study without them even trying.
Some students fail to think about their study with the exam in mind.
Unfortunately this means that when theyre in the exam, theyre not sure how to mould what theyve studied to answer exam questions. They dont understand how what theyve studies applies to the question in front of them.
This exam study technique will prevent your teen from falling victim to this situation. It will help your teen tailor their study to the types of questions that are likely to come up in the exam.
79. Question and answers
Thats really what exams are all about isnt it?
The idea of this technique is to come up with hypothetical exam questions, and then plan your hypothetical answer.
80. English Exam Example
Lets say that for your teens English exam theyre going to have to answer an essay question.
Obviously they dont know exactly what the question is going to ask. But they should be able to hazard a pretty good guess as to what topics are likely to come up. What they need to do is to write down some essay questions that are likely to come up in the exam.
And then plan out the hypothetical answer to each question.
Lets say that your teen will have an essay question on a novel theyve read in class. Their essay question is going to hypothetically have something to do with the theme of the book, its characters, the setting, or an important event.

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