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Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
41. What your teen should do this weekend
Your teens task for this weekend with your help is to have a think about what study techniques they already find effective, and then make a conscious effort to think about where these techniques might fit into their Study Formula. Your teen might already know what study techniques they find effective, but I want them to consciously think about where in their study process they fit. What Im saying is that your teen might sort of have a Study Formula already but not realise it. I want your teen to know what their Study Formula is.
42. The Inside Scoop On Writing A Grade Essays
Writing essays is like serving in tennis. Most people when they start out make it way more complicated than it needs to be, and produce something that doesnt look quite right. The pros do it smoothly and easily. Its uncomplicated and easy to follow. Well if that doesnt make any sense, what Im saying is that good essays are simple. Everything about their structure is simple the structure as a whole and also paragraph and sentence structure.
43. How can you help
You can help your teen make their writing simpler and more like a straight A students by helping them plan their essays.
It is absolutely impossible to write a top grade essay without having planned it out first.
Your teen might feel like planning their essays is an annoying addition to their workload, but in fact if they get in the habit of making essay plans, theyll save a huge amount of time and stress overall. I cant stress this enough
44. Send me your stuff
Its a bit difficult for me to get more specific when just writing about essays generally.
So if your teen is struggling with a particular essay at the moment send it my way. Id be more than happy to give it a read and offer my thoughts if I see something your teen could work on.
45. The Most Important Study Tip I Can Give Your Teen
I have mentioned this tip several times in previous articles, but it really deserves a whole article all to itself.
This morning Chris and I were talking about studying Chris heads back to uni on Monday , and we decided on the one thing that has been most important to our study success.
And here it is. In order for your teen to get good grades, it is essential that they figure out what they are most likely to be examined on, and pay much less attention to everything else.
46. This method gives your teen focus
Your teen has a heck of a lot of material to go over during their study break. Realistically, there is not going to be enough time to study and memorize every single thing their teachers have said over the past year. Trying to do so is not making good use of the precious time your teen has to study.
Trying to learn EVERYTHING is a fruitless actually detrimental exercise. It will make your teen stressed, make them loose confidence in themselves, and worst of all, will stop them from properly learning and absorbing what really matters.
47. But wont my teen miss something
Exams are not designed to trick your teen, and examiners are not expecting them to know everything there is to know.
Your teen will be examined on the topics that come up repeatedly in class the ones that they have spent multiple lessons going over.
Your teens biology teacher might have mentioned some interesting/completely left field fact about whale sharks last August. Is this going to be in the exam? Heck no. But your teen better understand the difference between meiosis and mitosis, otherwise theres no point in turning up to the exam.
48. So in a nutshell
I guess what Im saying is that your teen needs to learn how to filter. What is important to know, and what is not. Study the stuff that goes in the important to know file.
This is honestly the best exam study tip I have. I have others too in the Exam Survival Package .
If you want your teen to really nail their exam study, help them make an important/not important list.
Get a piece of paper, and make a list of what your teen would be foolish not to study.
Now your teen has a table of contents. Something to help guide their study to help them stay on track.
So simple, yet soooooooo effective.
49. Top Tips For Avoiding Exam Stress
There are many ways to revise and you will find out what works best for you. Exams can be an extremely stressful time, but so long as you revise well and avoid feeling stressed on the day, you should be able to succeed. Here are some tips to help you
50. Learn and revise your subject
Dont study late into the early hours on coffee or the latest stimulant. Studies have shown that you will remember things more clearly and effectively if you revise when you are fresh. Practise bursts of revision. This can mean as little as ten to forty minutes revising. Time yourself and have a ten minute break. Its not always about quantity of revision, but also quality.
Dont drown yourself in a subject, but take it one step at a time. Think about what type of questions the exam paper is likely to ask. Practise with past papers and make sure that you know how wide an area the scope of a subject an exam will cover. Posters, post sticks and flash cards can also play a vital role in revising.

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