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Abandoned baby bearish1

Candle Sticks

Candlesticks are graphical representations of price fluctuations for currency pairs.
Abandoned baby bearish1


This is a three candlestick pattern signaling a major bottom reversal. It is exactly the same as the Bullish Morning Doji Star with one important difference. The shadows on the Doji must also gap below the shadows of the first and third days. Its name comes from the second day of the pattern which floats out on the chart by itself like an abandoned baby of the first and third days. Basically the pattern consists of a black candlestick followed by a Doji that gaps away (including shadows) from the prior black candlestick and the following white candlestick whose closing is well into the first black body.

Recognition Criteria

1. The market is characterized by a prevailing downtrend.
2. A black candlestick is observed on the first day.
3. Then we see a Doji on the second day whose shadows gap below the previous day?s lower shadow.
4. Third day?s white candlestick gaps in the opposite direction with no shadows overlapping.

Pattern Requirements and Flexibility

The Bullish Abandoned Baby should start with a black candlestick that is not short and it must continue with a Doji that makes a gap away from the prior candlestick (including shadows). The third day of the pattern is a white candlestick. The gap between the low of this candlestick and the high of the Doji may be ignored. The white candlestick must close well into the black candlestick that appears at the beginning of the pattern. The extent of how high this candlestick must close is defined according to the other candlesticks belonging to the pattern. The third day?s closing must reach the midpoint between the first day?s opening and the second day?s lowest body level.

Trader?s Behavior

A black candlestick confirms the continuation of the downtrend that is in progress. The appearance of the Doji that causes a huge gap indicates that the bears are still pushing down the price. The tight price action between the open and close shows indecision and reflects deterioration in the prior trend. In the third day the body of the candlestick is above the previous day trying to cover some of the ground from the down day.

Buy/Stop Loss Levels

The confirmation level is defined as the last close. Prices should cross above this level for confirmation. The stop loss level is defined as the lower of the last two lows. Following the BUY if prices go down instead of going up and close or make two consecutive daily lows below the stop loss level while no bearish pattern is detected then the stop loss is triggered.

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