benefits of hair straightening

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Benefits of Hair Straightening

51. Shampoo and Conditioner
Hair must be clean before straightening. you can take those necessary precautions when you are planning to straighten your hair. You can finally go for that silky smooth hair now that you have these hair care tips. But carelessness and frequent use might lead to hair damage from straightening and this is something you should not forget. If the hair iron is not used properly, you have can frizzy and brittle hair that is easily breakable.
52. Heat Protectant
Special spray used to protect hair from the heat of the hair straightener. The process begins with application of the petroleum cream on the hair. After this comes the application of the hair relaxer formula. This chemical is mainly responsible for straightening your hair. The relaxer is washed with shampoo and warm water after the specific time. After all this comes the application of the neutralizing formula. This is responsible for restoring the pH balance of your hair. After all this, comes the application of the conditioner. This should always be done by a specialized hair stylist as it can also lead to hair loss from straightening.
53. Hair Clips
Needed to hold hair up in sections. Some people prefer to wear their natural hair in its natural state. Others want to wear their hair straight. Here is some important hair straightening advice for those who want to straighten their hair with a flat iron or hot comb. Follow these tips every time you straighten your hair or you risk permanent heat damage.
54. Flat Iron
The basic tool used to straighten hair. Test hair straightener on hair that isn
55. Before using a hair straightener
Before using a hair straightener, it is important to have all necessary products and tools on hand. The following table provides a list of the most common items needed to successfully straighten hair. It may stay straight forever if your hair straightener or hot comb was hot enough. Think carefully before deciding to start straightening, especially on a regular basis. If you realise that your hair has been burnt straight, soak your hair in protein (found in eggs, mayonnaise, and a few hair products) for a month or more.
56. Straightening irons
Straightening irons and other hair care product can be purchased from health and beauty retailers, salons, and online marketplaces like eBay. Shop between sellers to find the best prices available, and read reviews to obtain high quality products. Whether it is to build a new look or try something different for a night out, the proper tools and straightening techniques can help create an attractive hairstyle that can be worn anywhere.
57. Straight hair provide opportunities for different haircuts and styles
Straight hair can create a new look for its wearer and provide opportunities for different haircuts and styles. The process of straightening hair can be safe and easy with the right tools, so take time to learn about the best methods for using a flat iron. Begin by gathering the appropriate items. In addition to a flat iron, users need to invest in a heat protective spray. It is important to wash hair before straightening it, so shampoo and conditioner are needed, as well. Once hair is clean and dry, it should be sectioned off with pins or clips, and curling tongs can be used to add extra style such as flips and curls. There are also several products that can be used to hold straight hair in place and help it look its best, such as hairspray.
58. Using the best quality and right kind of hair straightener
After washing, complete drying of your hair is essential so as to prevent your hair from burning. Using the best quality and right kind of hair straightener suited for your hair is the most important thing for safe styling. You should choose a ceramic flat iron for ensuring the health and beauty of your hair. Choosing the right size of the heating plates of the ceramic flat iron is also important. A larger plate would be needed for people with long and thick hair and a smaller plate for short and fine haired people. In order to get better control of styling and to handle your device with convenience and flexibility, you should pick out a flat iron that is compact; light weighted and has an ergonomic design. Most importantly, ensure that your flat iron has the multiple heat setting features that allows to adjust the temperature of your iron during styling according to your hair type and eliminate hair burning and formation of frizz and damaging hot spots.
59. Have to prepare your hair so as to withstand the heat and pressure of the hair
Before styling your hair, you have to prepare your hair so as to withstand the heat and pressure of the hair. Having a clean and dry hair is important for styling your hair with efficiency. For that, you need to wash your hair with a good scalp cleansing shampoo. This will help in eliminating the build ups of oils and dirt on your hair that can cause hair damages. You should then condition your hair with a protein rich conditioner that helps in moisturizing and nourishing your hair at the same time. Since the application of hot styling tools can dry your hair and remove the natural moisture, you need to moisture your hair beforehand with a conditioner. You can also use a leave in conditioning spray for retaining the moisture of your hair and to protect them from damages from over drying of the hair.
60. Use a high quality flat iron
Use a high quality flat iron with ceramic or tourmaline plates instead of metal plates. Ceramic and tourmaline materials produce far infrared heat and negative ions that lock in your hairs natural oils and moisture to prevent it from drying out. Ceramic and tourmaline flat irons are also better at combating frizz, and also give you much sleeker and smoother results than a metal flat iron. It is definitely worth it to spend more money on a quality flat iron that will not cause nearly as much damage.

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