benefits of hair straightening

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Benefits of Hair Straightening

21. Adjustable setting
Overheating your hair can breakdown the hair cuticle causing split ends and can even sometimes cause the hair to break off. It s a good idea to choose straightenrs with a controllable heat setting. If your hair is fine, a setting of around 250
22. Temperatures of up to 210C
Hair straighteners can reach temperatures of up to 210C and take as long as 40 minutes to cool down. Horrific injuries can occur very quickly because children
23. The Process of Hair Straightening
The products used in the entire process of hair straightening are the relaxer formula, the neutralizer, a petroleum cream, one of the special shampoos and a hair relaxing conditioner. The process begins with application of the petroleum cream on the hair. After this comes the application of the hair relaxer formula. This chemical is mainly responsible for straightening your hair. The relaxer is washed with shampoo and warm water after the specific time. After all this comes the application of the neutralizing formula. This is responsible for restoring the pH balance of your hair. After all this, comes the application of the conditioner.
24. Hair Damage from Straightening Yes or No
Now that we have understood the process of hair straightening, does it damage our hair? It really doesn t, if and only if you take certain points into consideration. If you follow all these steps and take the necessary precautions, there will be no damage done to your hair, short term or long term. But, one thing you must remember is that straightening irons have temperatures that can have certain effects on your hair. Keep these tips in mind and you won t have any hair damage after straightening.
25. Do not use hair straightening irons on wet hair
Do not use hair straightening irons on wet hair or damp hair even. The pattern to straighten hair permanently should be from top to bottom only and not the other way round. If you have colored or permed hair, think twice before you use an iron on them to straighten them. Usage of too many products can cause damage to hair.
26. Use leave in or thermal products
When you wash your straightened hair, use only straightening shampoo and conditioner. Use leave in or thermal products so that your hair is pampered more than usual. Holding the iron in one place for more than necessary will also damage your hair. It has pass smoothly through the strands of hair and not stay in one place for too long.
27. Temperature are necessary
If any damage is done to the hair as a result of the iron staying in one place for too long or because the temperature was more than necessary, that damage is permanent. If you are planning to use the hair iron frequently, use some ceramic hair oil. This will retain some moisture in the hair. High temperatures cause the disappearance of moisture.
28. Hair damage from hair straightening
Now that you know everything about hair damage from hair straightening, you can take those necessary precautions when you are planning to straighten your hair. You can finally go for that silky smooth hair now that you have these hair care tips. But carelessness and frequent use might lead to hair damage from straightening and this is something you should not forget. If the hair iron is not used properly, you have can frizzy and brittle hair that is easily breakable.
29. Heat damage to your hair is hard to repair
Many people do not realize that even the highest quality professional ceramic and tourmaline flat irons can have a damaging effect on your hair if used incorrectly or too frequently, or if your hair is not adequately protected. Heat damage to your hair is hard to repair, and most of the time you will have to cut your hair to get rid of the damage.
30. Key Safety Measures
Never leave your straighteners in arms reach of children, not even for a moment. As soon as you ve finished with your straighteners, always switch them off and unplug them. They can stay hot enough to burn a child fora while so put them out of reach and remember, curious kids are apt to grab any wires hanging down. Apply the same rule to all hot appliances.

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