Benefits of Hair Straightening
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The Process of Hair Straightening
The products used in the entire process of hair straightening are the relaxer formula, the neutralizer, a petroleum cream, one of the special shampoos and a hair relaxing conditioner. The process begins with application of the petroleum cream on the hair. After this comes the application of the hair relaxer formula. This chemical is mainly responsible for straightening your hair. The relaxer is washed with shampoo and warm water after the specific time. After all this comes the application of the neutralizing formula. This is responsible for restoring the pH balance of your hair. After all this, comes the application of the conditioner.

Key Safety Measures
Rub a paper towel
Introducing new terms
Before using a hair straightener
You should use the lowest temperature setting
Do not use hair straightening irons on wet hair
Hair straighteners and all other items
Use a high quality flat iron

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