benefits of hair straightening

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Benefits of Hair Straightening

11. Safest and most effective to work
When you clamp down or close your flat or curling iron, you shouldn t hear any sizzling, hissing or crackling: If you do hear any such noise, that s the excess moisture AND your hair BOILING. If you re going to blow your hair straight, it s safest and most effective to work in small sections, applying a small amount of oil to each section before you begin. If you try to dry sections that are too large, the hairs on the outside of each section will get fried before the hairs on the inside have a chance to dry.
12. You should use the lowest temperature setting
You should use the lowest temperature setting on your blow dryer and always keep the nozzle about six inches away from your hair to minimize the amount of heat you re subjecting your tresses to. It will take a little bit longer to dry your hair, but it s definitely less damaging. Finally, try to position yourself in a way that allows you to direct the flow of air down at the hair.
13. Won t need a lot of shampoo
Products with silicone(s) will provide protection from heat, but they can be VERY difficult to rinse out if you use too much. If you re going to use a silicone serum, do so in moderation, so that you won t need a lot of shampoo when it s time to cleanse.
14. Precautions to protect your hair from heat and deep condition every week
Of course, air drying is always the safest method, but if you need to dry your hair in a hurry, take precautions to protect your hair from heat and deep condition every week! If you are going to style your hair with heat and you need to protect it, or if you already have and need to rejuvenate it, then a Hot Oil and Deep Conditioning Treatment is absolutely ESSENTIAL.
15. Spray hair with heat protectant
You can have that silky straight hair and minimize the damage if you use the chemical and the iron it less frequently. To give your hair a break, try other styling ways. Use hair repair cream along with the hair conditioner at least once in a month. If you follow these precautionary methods, you will be able to get the hair you like and that too not at the cost of your crowning glory.
16. Rub a paper towel
Rub a paper towel on the hair straightener. If this causes smoke or burnt patches, the straightener is too hot. it is not certain that a hair straightener will cause damage to your hair, in any case it will make your hair brittle. The main damaging products are the chemicals and the heat applied to the hair. If you want to get your hair straighten, you should approach a good salon that has experience and expertise performing this process.
17. Straightened natural hair can look just as gorgeous
Straightened natural hair can look just as gorgeous, if not more so, than relaxed hair or hair extensions. It has a natural swing to it and it full of life. However, every time you straighten it you are taking a big risk. Before you straighten your hair, prepare yourself for the worst possible outcome. Some people straighten for years and never have any heat damage whatsoever. Others do it one time and end up having to cut off the damaged hair and start growing their hair again. Only you can decide whether the risk is worth it.
18. Your hair stays straight
Unfortunately, you have no choice. You need to cut the hair off, now or later. Sorry if you have years of growth, but at least you know better for next time. There is no reason to cut it off right away, so take your time deciding how to transition back to natural hair.
19. If you can use ceramic straighteners
They are less drying than older alloy or aluminium stylers and radiate heat through ionic infra red plates rather than conducting heat directly onto the hair. if the damage is done to the cuticle, it is irreversible. You will not be able to do anything after that. So, it is always better to take precautions when you use styling products or go through treating your hair in a different way. Do not use the iron when your hair is wet. Before you use the hair straightening iron, make sure you test the heat so that you get assured that it is perfect for your hair.
20. Tourmaline a precious stone
Tourmaline a precious stone is also used by some manufacturers to coat the straightener plate and works by generating a vast number of negative ions when heating which reduce the risk of heat damage. You will also want to be sure to use lower heat settings on the iron itself, with your fine hair. Because the hair is fine (smaller in diameter) you don

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