benefits of custard apple

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Benefits of Custard Apple

11. Controls Blood Pressure
Custard apples are good sources of potassium and magnesium which help keep the blood pressure levels in control. For those with fluctuating blood pressure levels, a custard apple a day will help keep them in control.
12. Reduces Cholesterol
Custard apples contain high levels of niacin and dietary fiber, which help lower cholesterol levels effectively. The fruit is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, niacin and potassium. Many find it tiring to eat the superseeded fruit. This article will change your mind.
13. Custard apple Nutrition
Custard apples are packed with vitamin C, an antioxidant that can combat the free radicals in the body. The fruit also has vitamin A, which is good for healthy skin, better vision and for healthy hair. The magnesium in custard apples can protect the heart from cardiac diseases and can relax the muscles. Custard apples are an excellent source of copper. Copper is a trace mineral that helps are body form hemoglobin. When a woman doesnandt have enough copper in her system, there is an increased risk that her child will be born early.
14. Pinks Mammoth
Pinks mammoth is a huge custard apple with an outstanding taste. It is named after Mr. Pink, the man who introduced it to Australia. Its sweet and melting flavor makes it the most popular variant across the world. It is quite huge and could produce fruit weighing as much as 3 kg. This variety of custard apple is renowned for possessing almost no seeds.
15. African Pride
African Pride is a ten feet tall tree, bearing small sized custard apple. The tree bears heart shaped fruit with a relatively thick skin. The fruit has more seeds than pinks mammoth and yields are quite high. It is an early maturing fruit that makes it the most commercially popular variety of custard apple.
16. Late Gold
Late Gold is a stunning golden bronze custard apple with a soft skin. This variety of custard apple is quite rare and is mostly available in Northern Rivers. The skin or covering of custard apple is thin but tough, which is usually yellow or brownish when ripe. Beneath the thin covering, a thick, creamwhite layer of custard like, granular, flesh is present, which surrounds seeds.
17. Geffner
Geffner is an Israeli variety of the custard apple with an exceptionally amazing taste. Custard apple serves as an expectorant, stimulant, coolant and haematinic and is even useful in treating anemia. The fruit, in its unripe form, can be dried, crushed and used for treating diarrhea and dysentery.
18. Hilary White
Hilary White has a relatively smooth skin and is average in size. It tastes same like the other varieties of custard apple. Custard apple is a storehouse of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and helps in neutralizing free radicals. Custard apple contains magnesium, which plays vital role in relaxing muscles and protecting heart against diseases.
19. Helps To Gain Weight
Custard apple is an ideal snack and/or dessert for those who wish to put on some weight. A calorieladen fruit, the sugars present in it make peps up the metabolic rate, thus, stimulating the appetite levels. The more your appetite is, the better the food intake will be. This, in turn, can help you gain weight.
20. For A Better Immune System
Custard apples are excellent sources of the natural antioxidant Vitamin C. This vitamin is also renowned for its innate antiinflammatory and immune boosting properties. Include just one serving of this creamy fruit in your daily diet for a better resistance against infectious agents.

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