benefits of custard apple

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Benefits of Custard Apple

51. Magnesium
Magnesium helps to maintain water balance in the body. It is good for arthritic patients by removing acids from joints. Eating custard apple will help you to save from many diseases and disorders. The fruit is good for heart, skin, and bone, and maintains blood pressure.
52. Copper and Fiber
Copper in custard apple works against constipation. It has plentiful of fiber, which is helpful in smooth digestion and eases constipation. Custard Apple is a sweet fruit, which is widely grown across the world. The fruit is compound in nature, measuring 3? to 6? inches (816 cm) in diameter.
53. Medicinal Uses of Custard Apple
Custard apple has many medicinal benefits. The paste of the flesh of custard apple is beneficial to treat boils, abscesses and ulcers. The dried crushed parts of custard apple are good in curing of diarrhoea and dysentery. Eating custard removes expectorants. The bark of the custard apple tree is used for herbal medicine because of containing of astringents and tannins. The bark of the tree is used in treatment of toothache too.
54. Healthy Heart
The heart is often a muscular organ about the dimensions of a closed fist, situated just behind as well as somewhat left in the breastbone. The heart pumps blood from the network of arteries as well as veins referred to as cardiovascular system.
55. Treats cancer and tumors
Custard apples are usually loaded with vitamin C that is a extremely effective antioxidant participating in safeguarding our body from free radical injury. Vitamin C will save our body from transmittable illnesses as well as fortifies our immunity system. In addition, vitamin C is usually hugely renowned for its role just as one anticancer as well as antiviral agent.
56. Helps in healing process
Healing is definitely the allnatural method by which almost all instability are corrected to ensure the signs and symptoms of the strain or even sickness could be managed. Custard apples consist of antioxidants just like Vitamin C, which will help to battle free radicals within our body as well as cures the wound quickly.
57. Fighting Fatigue
Fatigue may also be the result of a number of ailments as well as diseases. In such instances, an individual generally finds they abruptly (or perhaps steadily) require more rest as well as sleep.andCustard apple is really a abundant energy source. It will help to fight exhaustion as well as a weakness. And also the existence of potassium will also help in eliminating muscle weakness.
58. Phytonutrients of Custard apple Fruit
This fruit contains rich Vitamin C and calcium, It makes better Hydration over dry body, Other than this fruit contains rich protein, fiber, fat, minerals, phosphorous, and iron. Those phytonutrients are essential to human body for daily living process , without vitamins it is hard for human body to be healthy and beautiful.
59. Leaves controls Diabetes
Custard apple tree leaves has vast range of medicinal effects, the juice from leaves of custard apple helps to get rid of diarrhea, For dermatological patients custard leaves are the heavenly medicine, andRoot of custard tree help autoabortion problems, Not only this the skin, seed, leaf and dried wood of custard apple also has tremendous range of medicinal effects over the human body.
60. Bone strength for children s
When custard fruit given to children's regularly, it makes their bone healthy and stronger, also using custard seed powder over the scalp during bath helps to prevent hair fall, this is good remedy for hair fall for both sexes, not only that; when it is used for bath at early morning can make your body cool and helps to get rid of high heat of body in a natural way.

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