xmas lights

Xmas Lights

Christmas lights are lights used for decoration around Christmas.
31. Dreamy Door
Dress up a boring doorway with a red and green color scheme. A door outlined with garland, glowing lights, and red bows complements the hanging wreath. A grouping of poinsettia plants adds the perfect punch of holiday cheer.
32. Glowing Garland
Embellish a porch or balcony with loops of garland intertwined with glowing Christmas lights. Big red bows are a welcome sight to any holiday visitor.
33. Hanging Icicles
These icicle Christmas lights, made with window screen and plastic wrap adorned with white lights and baubles, are as perfectly imperfect as the real thing.
34. White Christmas Lighting Display
If wrapping endless strings of lights around tree branches leaves you tangled up in knots, try something simpler. Wire trees that come with prestrung lights are ready to be planted indoors or out. Theyre available in several heights and colors, so you can vary the look from natural to whimsical. Hardware stores often carry the widest selection.
35. Star Bright Lights
A loose stringing of lights on a sparse tree gives the look of stars twinkling in the night sky. A spotlight on an elegant wreath will light the way for weary travelers.
36. A Warm Lit Welcome
Clustered on a pine table, a mix of new and antique lanterns greets holiday guests. Be sure to include a range of styles and sizes. Elevate some lanterns on pedestals to vary heights. As a final touch, sprinkle in natural elements, such as moss covered twigs and evergreen sprigs. Be sure to never leave an open flame unattended.
37. White Magic
Give new dimension and beauty to an exterior building, such as a garden shed or detached garage, by illuminating it with winter white lights. Line the walkway with votives, too, such as these large metal votives specifically designed for outdoor use.
38. Let It Glow
Turn paper bags into dramatic luminarias by cutting out your own designs with a crafts knife, hole punches, and scissors.
39. Cherubs Bouquet
Make the most of a garden statuary when planning your outdoor decor. This garden angels gleaming bouquet creates a dramatic interplay of light and shadow on the sculpted stone.
40. Winter Topiary
Make a topiary of light and air by wrapping tiny white bulbs around a wire form. Perch the lit orb in a garden urn.

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