xmas lights

Xmas Lights

Christmas lights are lights used for decoration around Christmas.
21. Wrapping Hedges
Wrapping hedges with twinkle lights may seem like a daunting task, especially when figuring out where to stop and start each strand. Eliminate all of the second guessing by investing in net lights. Although net lights may cost more than standard strands, the amount of time saved on installation is often worth the investment.
22. Easy to Read Entry
When decorating a homes exterior entry, its important to take into consideration how each of the decorative elements will appear from the street. If wreaths or ornaments are too small, theyll end up looking like clutter. Be sure to keep the scale and proportion of all elements in check with those in the yard. This will result in a cohesive design which will be just as striking from a distance as it is up close.
23. Mixed Light Sources
Year round exterior lighting such as sensory activated motion lights, security spotlights and sconces can often interfere with the soft ambiance created by twinkle lights. The key to properly mixing different sources is overpowering year round fixtures with twinkle lights. Consider changing year round bulbs to those with lower wattage. This will allow twinkle lights to overpower year round fixtures, resulting in a beautiful, soft glow along all exterior surfaces of the home.
24. Birdbath Revamp
Who says your trusty bird bath can only make a warm weather appearance? Fit a wreath, red Christmas lights, and other holiday decorations into the center of a bird bath to keep it relevant in the wintertime.
25. Cranberry Luminaries
This Christmas, light the way to your home with this inexpensive lighting option. Set a small glass vase filled with fake snow, cranberries, and a candle atop bundles of fir branches.
26. Christmas Light Burning Bush
27. Glowing Holiday Globes
These glowing globes create a picturesque holiday scene right in your front yard. Scatter them around or bundle them up for different looks and light intensities. Christmas Light Tip To make your decor even more sophisticated, try battery operated Christmas lights. Youll no longer have to hide those pesky extension cords!
28. Starry Nights Basket
Make hanging baskets sparkle all winter long by lighting them from within. Use coiled vine baskets without liners, and push a 100 bulb string of small pearl lights from inside to out around each basket. Place clear plastic ornaments in the basket as filler. On top, pile a 50 bulb string of small white lights and a string of prelit metal stars to shine above.
29. Luminous Lanterns
Old fashioned lantern posts are classic, but this holiday season wrap them in lush garland and glowing globes for an ethereal holiday look. Tips for Christmas Lights To save power and keep your lights burning longer, try using LED Christmas lights.
30. Earthy Entrance
Build tall floral arrangements by tightly wrapping white and red lights around pillars along your entryway. Top the pillars with twig and evergreen wreaths. Then add green mesh material and red curly twigs found at crafts stores for a fun, earthy entrance.

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