xmas lights

Xmas Lights

Christmas lights are lights used for decoration around Christmas.
11. Red Berry Light Garland
With a little effort, you can give your home extra holiday sparkle with an evergreen garland dotted with red berries made of Christmas lights.
12. Ball and Light Wreath
Make the entrance to your home inviting to holiday visitors including Santa with bright, merry lights; their sparkle highlights the shimmering globes and greenery of this double wreath.
13. Lighted Urn Topper
A pile of jewel like ornaments makes a festive, glowing statement atop a decorative urn.
14. A Balanced Display
A multitude of candlesticks in this case, an even numbered quartet gives some dimension and drama to the dining room table. Placing the candlesticks equidistantly along the table ensures a sense of balance still rules.
15. Marthas Traditional Display
Martha decorated one of her beautiful Christmas dinner tables in rich shades of red and brown. On the table, she placed a centerpiece of roses, lilies, and holly, and an assortment of treasured flatware, glasses, tablecloths, and candlesticks. She also placed a small boxwood wreath with a copper place card on the back of each chair. The centerpiece was a spruce tree placed in an old cast iron urn, embellished with red carnations and spray roses, and capped off with a topper.
16. Lights on Timers
For a low maintenance approach to exterior holiday lighting, consider timer activation. One of the most popular products available is a plug in on off module which can handle up to 1500 watts. Although there are many styles available, most options simply plug into an exterior outlet. An average sized home will require between two and four modules to keep the exterior safely lit and perfectly timed.
17. Graphic Shape
Moravian stars are an excellent way to add both graphic shape and illumination throughout your front yard. For the best effect, consider grouping Moravian stars in odd numbers, randomly spacing them throughout the tree to create a gorgeous glow. The graphic shapes of the stars will break up the monotony of twinkle lights along the house and hedges.
18. Lighting Walkways
Since holidays often attract more guests to the home than other times of the year, be sure to keep walkways brightly lit. An easy way to do this is to take advantage of any smaller trees or shrubs along or around the walkway and outfitting them with just a few strands of lights. Although they may be too small to properly read from the street, the subtle glow cast onto pavers, trails or concrete walkways will help guests make their way up to the house safely.
19. Consistent Branches
While adding twinkle lights to small and medium sized trees may seem simple, theres more skill involved than one might think. Since most trees lose their leaves in the winter, its much more difficult to figure out where to drape the lights for a balanced look. To add symmetry to exterior decor, create a consistent stopping point along each of the trees. Although some may be significantly taller than others, once wrapped at approximately the same height with twinkle lights, trees will appear organically balanced.
20. Unlit Structures
Lights are meant mostly for ambiance, but they can also serve double duty as backdrops for showcasing seasonal yard structures. When placing holiday structures in the yard, its wise to keep them unlit, instead relying on the ambient glow of the house.

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