ways to save money on your dream wedding

Ways To Save Money On Your Dream Wedding

Ways to Save Money and Still Have the Wedding of Your Dreams.
21. Keep your food options open
Dream wedding can be expensive if your planning does not take into account the high cost f professional services. Cost cutting can be done in many areas where a little bit of added effort on your part can result in a huge amount being saved. This is the theme of the picture which gives you ideas on cost effective ways and means to bring down your wedding budget. The crockery and cutlery in the picture is suggestive of catering services which include costly buffet affairs. Choosing a local restaurant t cater for your wedding is a much cheaper option rather than using expensive caterers.
22. Hire an Expert
One of the most cost effective ways to plan a wedding would be to simply hand over the arrangements to an expert. Of course you would need to have a prior discussion with the wedding planner mentioning your requirements which should be to keep the pricing down but guarantee guests a good time. This is exactly what a wedding planner will end up doing for you. The picture is a happy one of a bride and her maid posing for a photo being taken by the groom. They seem happy and relaxed because their wedding arrangements have been taken care of by a trusted professional at minimum cost.
23. Forgo the favors
Most people cannot resist the tradition of distributing favors at their wedding. You can have your dream wedding without such lavish bits of expense. Wedding favors unlike the simple pieces of yesterday are expensive items costing a good deal of money. The picture shows an interesting display of all the items used in wedding which can be taken by guests as mementoes of the event. This is a unique concept which can result in a lot of money being saved. Small ribbons and decorative pieces from the interior dcor and seating arrangements, cake decorations, table top centerpieces and vases from guest tables all can be used in a similar manner.
24. Resell as much as you can
When you plan on your big dream wedding you need to keep the expense in mind. Weddings do not come cheap and can set you back by quite a sum of money. The best way to beat this problem is to chalk out a budget plan which will help you save something. The picture is a collage of a number of items that are used in a wedding. However none of these may be ever used again and are useless except for sentimental value. Most items can be resold like decorations, bridesmaid costumes, favors, etc. youll be surprised at the number of takers who wont mind spending on usable items.
25. Always negotiate
Negotiating is a trend that is required in every deal unless of course you want to get ripped off. Weddings are no exception and if you want your dream wedding to end happily without the afterthought of the unreasonable expense, then you need to negotiate with all the service providers hired for the event. The picture displays two wedding rings resting on dollar notes which reflect the fact that weddings mean money. If you feel you arent getting a good deal from your wedding planner or any of the services like caterers then always insist on re negotiation for better deals or packages that suit your budget.
26. Pile on the miles
A dream wedding needs to end in a dream honeymoon too or else it wouldnt be a dream at all. But in order to keep this wonderful dream a happy memory every couple needs to plan a honeymoon well in advance in order to understand the costs involved and knows how to manage the expense well. As the picture shows an airplane in flight mode, the advice below is teaching you to get a frequent flier and air travel credit card as early as possible to chalk up as many free miles before your honeymoon. In this way you are assured of saving a huge amount on the reduced flight tickets.
What facets of your wedding are most important to you? Focus on areas that make your heart go pitter patter, and youll feel OK about skimping on the rest. As for what guests tend to remember, according to a survey conducted by St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine, 81 percent of guests say the entertainment is the most memorable part of a wedding.
Think of it as cost free outsourcing. Gather your inner circle, play to their strengths (e.g., assign lettering to the friend with the most beautiful handwriting), and turn the prep into a party.
Quick tips for whittling your guest list Omit children and coworkers (making cuts categorically is less likely to cause rifts) and when it comes to couples, invite spouses, fiances, and live ins only. Keep the numbers down for your wedding party as well Fewer attendants means less money spent on bouquets, boutonnieres, presents, and transportation.
There are many unexpected costs that can inflate your budget an officiant can be one of them. If thats the case for you, consider having your vows administered by a trusted relative or friend. Universal Life Church and Esoteric Interfaith Church (northern way.org) are two organizations that ordain laypeople so they can officiate weddings, which most of the 50 states will recognize. Laws in a few states, such as Virginia, are strict, requiring officiants to be active in their ministry. To be sure youre in the clear, check with the county clerk about the laws where youll be wed.