ways to save money on your dream wedding

Ways To Save Money On Your Dream Wedding

Ways to Save Money and Still Have the Wedding of Your Dreams.
11. Or go for paper flowers
The best option favoring a budget wedding would be the use of paper flowers instead of the real ones. If you dont have the patience and time to make them you can always buy them and they are in fact cheaper than the grocer store flowers. An added advantage of the artificial flowers is that you can arrange it months in advance. By spraying some scent around you can give them the natural touch. You can always cherish your wedding by keeping your bouquet forever. Another aspect would be the use of candles (Floating candles or elegant candle stands) as centerpieces.
12. Hire music students to play the ceremony
If you are inclined on having a live music for the ceremony then consider hiring an amateur or music students. They charge negotiable lesser than the professionals as they are keen for such opportunities to pile up their experience. You can contact music departments of colleges to track the best event players. Or can contact local music teachers who would refer their top students for your event. Asking a family member who is a good musical performer would also save you the cost. You can humbly ask for this favor as a gift from them clearly not taking advantage of them.
13. Instead of hiring a DJ or a band get this handy wedding DJ app
Basically hiring a DJ for a reception costs you much less than a band. You can even save the DJ money by downloading the wedding DJ app that would cost you hardy $5. You can ask a relative or friend to take charge of this app to manually change the playlists according to the ceremonys need. All you have to do is make several playlists that could be played from the beginning to the end of the ceremony. Mix tape or mix mp3 list is also another handy option. You can play it from your computer that is in turn connected to a sound system.
14. Take your wedding video with your phone
Here is the most important tip that will help you save a lot in your dream wedding. Instead of hiring a professional video or photographer, you can ask a friend or relative who is good with clicking snaps. You can also use the Wedding Lens, a customized online wedding album. With photos from you and your guests can be uploaded online and is accessible only by you and your friends. You can thus ask your guests to store your wedding pictures in their phones and later share them with you. This enables to see your wedding from your entire loved ones panorama.
15. Choose bright colored decor
The image shows one of the 26 ways by which you can save money for your wedding. The advice featured is to select bright colored dcor. According to the picture, the use of bright decorations make a bigger impact on your guests and therefore you would not need to use as much. The picture on the left shows what seems to be a setup for an outdoor garden wedding. Bright red orange colors are used to provide the highlight for the minimal dcor. Upon close up on the picture shown on the right, the dcor is composed mainly of bright red and pink flowers strewn together. Simple but effective.
16. Get a friend or family member to perform the ceremony
The caption on the picture advises people on how to save money for the wedding. The caption suggests requesting a family member to perform the wedding ceremony. If you have a limited budget to spend on your nuptials, why pay a substantial amount of money if you have a relative or friend that is licensed to solemnize the wedding anyway? Not only would you be able to save five hundred dollars, you can use this money to find a home for you and your new bride. The picture being featured shows a very happy couple having their wedding outdoors.
17. Know what to buy and what to rent
Most women dream of a big fat dream wedding, but although it seems that you will need to spend a lot there are innumerous ways to keep the cost down. The best way is to make a list of items needed for the event such as catering products that are necessary for the event. And as the picture shows a bunch of colorful handled spoons and forks, you wont really need to ever use that many pairs. The best option is to rent the items. Likewise in this way you need to plan out what should be rented r purchased in order to save a good amount.
18. Serve a signature cocktail
Every wedding is a prestigious event for the groom and bride. On such occasions one needs to strike a fine balance between reputation and budget. If you are not careful your expenses can really soar. The picture and the explanation below can really help you save a lot of money on your dream wedding if you follow the advice. The picture shows a number of model bartenders dressed in bare essentials who come for a price. Having an open bar with so many servers can cost a fortune. It would be best to serve just limited one or two cocktails to keep your liquor bill down.
19. Explore wedding cake alternatives
If you apply your mind there are so many ways and means to save on that big dream wedding of yours. Making arrangements with a rigid traditional attitude will really burn your pockets. Take for example the wedding cake. The picture shows a number of interesting cakes in innovative designs. Displayed on the table is a small two tier cake surrounded by several smaller varieties like truffles, cupcakes and pies. Every cake stands on a unique wooden customized tree trunk cut in various sizes. This works out very cost effective instead of sticking to the regular large wedding cake which can be exorbitant in cost.
20. Do your own design work
Dream weddings can also lead into large inflated bills if you do not keep a track of the costs. Wedding invitations with lavish designs especially those that reflect your wedding theme can be quite expensive especially if they need to be customized and designed as per your wishes. However as the picture suggests, making your own designs with the help of free software online can save you loads of money. Invitation cards and programs can be discussed upon and planned out without the help of professionals. Once you have the final artwork ready all you need is to get the same printed which cuts down a major expense.