ways to save money on your dream wedding

Ways To Save Money On Your Dream Wedding

Ways to Save Money and Still Have the Wedding of Your Dreams.
1. Choose the venue carefully
Venue is the most important and expensive aspect of a wedding. Choosing a haggle wedding venue is a key to save a lot of money. To rent tents, chairs and tables will cost you a lot more than an all embracing venue with tents and tables. Planning to have the wedding and reception in the same venue will save transportation costs. Restaurant that provide with tables and place settings is economical but prior bookings is required in such cases. Never delay the reception commencement, because the more you make the guests wait the more rental you have to pay for time extension.
2. Start planning early
It is very important to make full use of off season planning as it cuts on major costs. You should schedule a timetable by determining a range of dates that would best work put for you. Make certain of the season you choose for the wedding because you have scopes of availing good offers and discounts during off seasons, like winter weddings. Florist, caterers, etc would be readily available giving you wonderful discounts. It is believed that you can save up to 50% by having an off season wedding Thus being flexible with either the date or the venue is handy enough to cut major costs.
3. or late
One of the not so certain way of cutting down the cost is to plan out things and execute them in a very short time notice. This would indirectly help by limiting the choices that you would have and in turn cutting a lot of money. Having a discussion with your families to figure out the contributions will aid you in working out a proper budget wedding plan. An early planned out and implemented wedding also means a limited wedding party. Limiting means youll have fewer guests and lesser expenses in terms of tuxedos, dresses and gifts for the party.
4. Keep the guest list in check
Proper planning of the guests to be invited and limiting them would save you a lot. It costs on an average about $200 per guest thus shortening the guest list is a key to a budget wedding. Limit by inviting friends whom both you and your fiance are acquainted with. Invite coworkers only if you hang out with them outside office as well. Have a check on the approximate number of guests even before finalizing a venue. The general rule is to have a space of 25 to 30 square feet per guest. This space will include tables, bands, attendants, etc.
5. Pick your priorities and splurge on them
Setting your priorities is the most important aspect of a perfect wedding. Being sentient of your particular priorities staying in budget is possible by compromising on other stuffs. Discussing what is important for both of you and making a list of it by negotiating or compromising on not so important aspect. Be it a professional photographer or a world class catering you would want. Booking a year in advance is a must for the in demand vendors due to their availability issues. The key is to know your budget and decide how far you would go to work out preferences by staying within budget.
6. Avoid Saturdays
It would be very wise on your part to avoid a Saturday wedding. As the most popular wedding day, Saturdays tends to get expensive both vendor wise and venue wise. Holiday weekends and other holidays are as expensive for the guests wholl have to be accommodated in hotels. By picking up an odd day or ostracized day like Friday or Sunday you would be indeed cutting cost of the venue by up to 50%. You would be saving more than 50% by having the wedding on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On these days photographers, florists and other vendors offer a good discount as well.
7. Have a daytime wedding
Dinner is much expensive than lunch or breakfast. Thus having a day time wedding will favor your budget. Day time wedding would be very apt for a Sunday wedding unlike evening wedding of Friday. Best options would be to have a breakfast wedding that. Or even have a brunch or appetizer only wedding where you dont have to worry about serving an entre. If you intend on serving your wedding day crew choose a less expensive but sumptuous meal for them. You can also have a barbeque wedding where your guests can prepare their own entre and save you a great deal.
8. Shop the sales
If you always wanted to have that dream wedding dress but dont wish to spend a lot on it, then always go for the sample sales. Youd get amazing discounts of up to 70%. Also be open to buying off your dress right from the rack, ask for alteration costs before doing so. You can also borrow your moms or grandmothers wedding gown which will be more vintage as compared to the modern day gowns. If you want a new one sample sales from designer boutiques are your best options. Just a little bit of altering to fit you and there you walk down the isle in your dream wedding.
9. Know whats seasonal and local
It is always handy to save in budget weddings by making sure of selecting the in season local produce. You can save a great deal on flowers and food by choosing the ones that are in season. You can always ask your florist to give you a list of easily available flowers that would sink with your color format. You can also make your wedding flowers work twice by using them as many times throughout the wedding as possible. For example the brides bouquet can make a fabulous centerpiece of the head table. You can save a lot by using bouquets as centerpieces.
10. Choose one kind of flower
Flowers are an important requirement of any wedding be it the brides bouquet or centerpiece or as decorations. You can still save in a great deal by arranging your own flowers. By applying your basic flower arrangement skills you can have wonderful display of good quality but low cost flowers from the neighboring grocers shop. You can also give a personal touch by placing them in your wide necked vases. Picking up a single variety of flowers and larger ones will reduce the labor and the quantity of flowers involved in arrangements. Involving friends and family in the arrangements makes way to innovative flower statements.