tips to improve your life

Tips to Improve Your Life

Easy Ways to Improve Your Life Today.
31. Eat Slower
Why eating slower is better for your health, your sanity, your digestion
32. Maximize Your Lunch Hour
Your lunch hour should be the least ?productive? moment in your day. If it lasts a mere 20 minutes-or just doesn?t exist anymore heres how to turn it around and make it joyful.
33. Increase Workplace Productivity by Not Being a Jerk
You get more flies with honey, as the saying goes. This is a brief outline for how to work and play well with your coworkers
34. Find Cheap Gas Instantly
If soaring gas prices are draining your wallet dry, heres five ways to find cheap gas anywhere.
35. Find Your Purpose
We are all searching for our purpose. It seems tempting that having it appear by divine intervention would be great. Maybe not.
36. Make a GTD System
Putting together a functional GTD system for the price of a weeks worth of Starbucks.
37. Avoid costly DIY mistakes
You can end up costing yourself more in the long run if you dont watch out for these mistakes.
38. Think About Whether You Can Afford NOT to Pursue Your Dreams
Pursuing dreams is crucial, even when it means taking a hit or entering financial uncertainty.
39. Plan for Success
Waiting for your ship to come in is a waste of time.
40. Improve Your Mind by Reading the Classics
How to use the wisdom of the classics to become a better writer, thinker, and speaker.