tips to improve your life

Tips to Improve Your Life

Easy Ways to Improve Your Life Today.
11. Learn Lessons from Google About Self Image
How you think of yourself greatly affects how successful you can be. Google has got self-image down to a science.
12. Make a Good First Impression
Research shows that people decide what kind of relationship they want with you in the first ten minutes of a meeting, so making a good first impression really matters.
13. Know the Hype Behind Bottled Water
Have you ever stopped to think about just how incredibly odd it is to buy bottled water?
14. Leave Work at Work
Want more time for your family or personal life? Heres how not to think about your job 24/7.
15. Create a Landing Strip to Become Organized
We come from work exhausted, often carrying our work bags, groceries, and the mail. A landing strip will help you avoid disorganization from the time you get home.
16. Understand Time to Increase Return on Investment
Time is your most valuable resource. Understanding these ideas will help you make optimal decisions.
17. Give Your Resume a Face Lift
Even if you can?t hire a fancy designer and are stuck with Microsoft Word, a few tweaks can turn your blas? r?sum? into an elegant and functional showpiece.
18. Boost Your Energy Level
Feeling energetic is a key to happiness and to self-esteem, so take steps to keep your energy high.
19. Actually Execute Your To Do List
Many productivity systems will tell you how to organize your tasks, but what happens if you dont feel like doing them?
20. Keep Your Desk Clean and Tidy
Do you spend waste more and more time looking for lost items instead of being the brilliant creative person that you are? Heres how to get your desk clean, clutter-free, and keep it that way for good.