rules to play triathlon

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Penalties and Prohibited Conduct

Rules to play Triathlon

Penalties and Prohibited Conduct

Penalties, including disqualification and suspension, may be imposed upon race participants and/or members of USA Triathlon who violate any of these Competitive Rules or who solicit, encourage, or assist a violation of these Rules. Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, the specific penalty to be imposed in any given case shall depend on the nature and severity of the violation as determined by the Head Referee or USA Triathlon. The following penalties may be imposed for a violation of these Rules

a. Assessment of a time penalty
b. Disqualification
c. Written reprimand or censure
d. Monetary fines
e. Suspension from membership in USA Triathlon (including retroactive suspension), and
f. Permanent expulsion from USA Triathlon

General Conduct
Permitted and Illegal Equipment
Traffic Laws
Preparation and Training
Forward Progress
Position Fouls
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